Monday, November 29, 2010

Jeremy Camp: We Cry Out Review

With We Cry Out: The Worship Project, Jeremy Camp delivers his second worship project, full of brand new worship songs, as well as several covers of well-known worship anthems. Again featuring background vocals from Jeremy’s wife Adie several times, We Cry Out is sure to leave an impression on the listener, with its resounding message of forgiveness, freedom, and God’s goodness.

We Cry Out aptly begins with “Jesus Saves,” Jeremy’s first single from the album. A message full of hope, “Jesus Saves” seems to be a summary of what We Cry Out is all about, and already accentuates Jeremy’s refreshing, deep voice. Its high-energy pace makes this hit a definite highlight from the album, perfectly paving the way for “Not Ashamed.” Sounding like a more upbeat version of Philips, Craig, and Dean’s radio single “Revelation Song,” “Not Ashamed” is practically Romans 1:16 put to captivating music. In addition, the fill-ins from this track were a perfect asset.

The strings and gorgeous piano of “The Way” complement this contemporary track as its definite worship-provoking lyrics speak of seeing the glory of God: “Shine bright/ let Your glory fill this land/ lift high/ the King of Kings and great I Am/ Jesus, You are the Way!” Next, Jeremy’s cover of “Mighty to Save” is again refreshing, but does not sound much different from Hillsong’s original version. I did, however, enjoy how Jeremy placed much emphasis on the bridge, as well as add his own bridge near the end of the track.

“We Cry Out,” the title track, is another fast-paced worship track, as a cry to God for His glory and goodness: “We will cry out to You/ Your loving kindness and Your truth/ It has delivered us/ You have delivered us.” “You are the Lord” follows, sounding much like an upbeat version of “Healing Hand of God,” another of Jeremy’s blockbuster tracks. Featuring background vocals from his wife Adie, is a powerful reminder of how awesome of the name of the Lord is and all He has done for us. The pre-chorus was perfect for this touching track: “If God is for us/ who can be against us/ Who can be against our God?” 

Jeremy Camp covers “Everlasting God” next, which honestly sounds remarkably similar to Lincoln Brewster’s original version, with grunge guitar sounds as well as rhythmic guitars for the background, making for a refreshing new version to this popular worship anthem. Also, Jeremy’s strong singing of “We will wait” ended the track well. “Overcome” slows things down, sounding like Hillsong United’s “The Stand,” with its simple, yet profound message of Jesus’ sacrifice for our behalf and our gratefulness for it. It’s touching message leads into “You Never Let Go,” perhaps Matt Redman’s most popular worship track. It seems that this worship anthem has been a bit overused recently, so this track will have to be up to the listener and fan of Jeremy’s music. Nevertheless, I did think that Jeremy performed the bridge remarkably well. 

“Unrestrained” has a slower, unique beat, being a prayer that God would take the selfish heart within us and “melt away everything that’s not of You.” “King Jesus” sounds very similar to “Angels” by Avalon, and ends We Cry Out with a song of praise for the victory of Jesus and the payment “of the final debt/for all of us/ King Jesus/ You are victorious.”

Jeremy Camp’s latest project We Cry Out  is full of powerful worship tracks, mostly fresh new tracks written by Jeremy, as well as a few covers. Jeremy’s second worship project is wonderful for the worship-provoking tracks that compose the album and encourage the listener to throw his hands high and sing along in worship. If you’re a fan of contemporary worship or Jeremy Camp, then this project is for you.

Rating: 4/5
Release date: August 24, 2010

Track listing:
1. Jesus Saves
2. Not Ashamed
3. The Way
4. Mighty to Save
5. We Cry Out
6. You are the Lord
7. Everlasting God
8. Overcome
9. You Never Let Go
10. Unrestrained
11. King Jesus


  1. Cool! i have his cd before this one. Now I need to listen to this one as well. :) I heard Jesus Saves on the radio, and its awesome!

  2. Cool! Hope you will enjoy the album! :)


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