Monday, November 22, 2010

Introducing The City Harmonic Review

Today, Kingsway Record is celebrating the release of the debut EP from The City Harmonic, Introducing The City Harmonic. Sounding much like Lincoln Brewster, the band is off to a good start with this debut project. With deep tracks, both lyrically and musically, this EP from The City Harmonic is sure to connect with the listener.

“I Wonder” begins the six-track EP, a track that reminds me quite a bit of Lincoln Brewster’s “The Power of Your Name,” and speaks about how God’s love can be found in human love for each other. This track seems to be predictable, until the track takes a completely different turn with Elias singing high-pitched choruses and leaving you wondering where it will turn next. Just then, it turns back into the regular chorus, making it an enjoyable listen.

“Manifesto,” a track that is already earning critically acclaimed status, sounds like a nice mix between Jars of Clay and Falling Up. Sung by Elias and his choir, the lyrics seem to be a rewording of The Apostles’ Creed put to music. The ascending gorgeous keyboard is a huge asset to the track, as is the slightly haunted feeling toward the end of the song.

“My God” is backed by an electronic organ, as well as church bells that make this track sound almost like a Christmas song. After the first chorus, the track explodes into a nicely paced worship track that sounds similar to what you might find from Third Day or Rich Mullen. As in the other tracks on this EP, the fill-ins played a large roll in the formation of this track, although it was probably most obvious in this beautiful track.

“Coming My Way” could almost be a remake of “Silent Night” with its slowness derived from the piano, which backs up the track. The gorgeous strings add a large deal of beauty to this track, speaking of drawing near to God, and Him drawing near to us. Its reference to “Amazing Grace” was perfect for this track.

“I Am” has a bit of a unique drum beat, as it’s contemporary-styled track speaks of all the Bible characters that we could be (“I am a man who built his house on the sand/ I am a thief upon the cross.”). However, the chorus of the track speaks of God’s goodness and forgiveness, providing for a great answer to the shame of man’s sin.

“What I Want” ends the EP, backed mostly by acoustic guitar and xylophone. It does sound like Elias is straining his voice just a bit on this track, but it’s encouraging lyrics speaking of making Jesus what we want are complemented perfectly by the last line of the chorus: “Hallelujah/ all I want is You.” At this point, the track builds up to a “clappy” drumbeat, sounding much like Needtobreathe music. Again, the choir was a nice asset to this track.

The City Harmonic is off to a good start with their debut EP Introducing The City Harmonic. Through six catchy tracks with inspirational lyrics, the band is sure to become a Christian music favorite in the days ahead, since their track “Manifesto” will most likely become a chart-breaker in the near future.

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Rating: 4/5
Release date: November 22, 2010

Track listing:
1. I Wonder
2. Manifesto
3. My God
4. Coming My Way
5. I Am
6. What I Want

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