Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Hillsong Chapel: Yahweh Review

With Yahweh, Hillsong delivers an all-new addition to their already large family: Hillsong Chapel. Serving up the hits in acoustic style from Hillsong’s very own chapel, Hillsong Chapel is sure to touch the heart of the listener through peaceful worship music that will leave you coming back for more.

“Hosanna,” beginning Yahweh nice and peacefully, is sung by Annie Garratt, a nice change for this radio single from Hillsong. This powerful worship track is kept steady by a faint tambourine, making for an excellent rendition of “Hosanna.” I enjoyed the nice bongo beat in addition to acoustic guitars that composed this song as well as the album as a whole. “You’ll Come” follows, also sung by Annie. My favorite from the album, this track seemed almost better than the original, because of the wonderful rhythmic sound it contained.

“Run” and “The Time Has Come” are both led by Jad Gillies, a relatively new singer to Hillsong, but one who has recently become popular for “Forever Reign” from Hillsong’s A Beautiful Exchange project. Although acoustic, “Run” sounds much like the original version, offering authentic worship from the heart. “The Time Has Come” seems a little weak, but is in no wise a bad track. I particularly enjoyed the lyrics of the chorus of this track: “The time has come to stand for all we believe in/ so I, for one, am gonna give my praise to You/ Today, today, it’s all or nothing/ all the way/ the praise goes out to You/ yeah, the praise goes out to You!”

Annie again leads “Saviour King,” a gorgeous worship song backed up mostly by keyboard. Even though the vocals of this song were recorded in slightly poor quality, I found it to be much more enjoyable than the original; it is a song that will definitely connect with the listener. Its simple, yet profound lyrics also provoke worshiping along: “You are our King/ We love You, Lord/ We worship You/ You are our God…” “Yahweh,” lead by Hillsong worship leader Reuben Morgan, retains the slowness of “Saviour King,” containing a similar sound to “Awesome God” by Rich Mullins. Although Hillsong is not about the singer or the music, I found “Yahweh” to accentuate Reuben’s voice, especially by the arrival of the chorus where the song suddenly builds nicely. I also enjoyed the bridge: “He shall reign forever and ever!” The harmonizing vocals, mixed with the congregation, provided an excellent atmosphere for the track.

“Came to My Rescue,” also led by Reuben, is backed up by Jill McCloghry, singing about total surrender: “My life be lifted high/ My world be lifted high/ My love be lifted high.” This is one song that would not have been complete, had it not been for the hundreds of fellow believers that gathered together for this recording. Even though this song did contain a nice drumbeat, the strong strumming of the guitars provided an excellent rhythm. “Stronger,” also led by Jill, sounds much like “Mighty to Save” and is a magnificent track praising God for being strong and overcoming death through His resurrection. Although a bit repetitious, this powerful track provokes the listener to worship along.

“This is Our God,” and “You Hold Me Now,” both led by Reuben, are two beautiful, deep worship songs that appeared on previous Hillsong releases. The acoustic versions of these songs sound very similar to the originals, although they do not seem quite as strong. “From the Inside Out,” aptly led by Joel Houston, seemed to be a highlight of the album, as its remake seemed almost even more worshipful than that which first appeared on Hillsong United’s United We Stand project. In addition, the light drums perfectly complimented the track, blending in perfectly with “Mighty to Save,” one of Hillsong’s most popular works to date. Annie’s beautiful voice sounded almost identical to Laura Story, famous for her rendition of this track! Ending with “Salvation Is Here,” Joel Houston’s call to worship seemed timeless and encouraging, as he opened up for this clap-provoking track. Also, Joel’s fill-ins were a wonderful addition to the track, causing Yahweh to end wonderfully with this track.

Hillsong Chapel’s first project Yahweh contains the best of Hillsong in a wonderful acoustic project. Since no electric guitars were present, many of the songs were not as upbeat as their original versions were. However, because of this, the album is full of total worship, unlike any other worship albums I have heard. If you’re a Hillsong fan, you will want to go pick up this album!

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: October 25, 2010

Track listing:
1. Hosanna
2. You’ll Come
3. Run
4. The Time Has Come
5. Saviour King
6. Came to My Rescue
7. Stronger
8. This Is Our God
9. You Hold Me Now
10. From the Inside Out
11. Mighty to Save
12. Salvation is Here


  1. Cool! I'll have to see if anyone I know has it so I can take a listen. :D
    Thanks for posting!

  2. Good job going over the CD thoroughly. I like finding out the names of the people singing and you cover that. I enjoy your blog, Jay.


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