Monday, November 8, 2010

Audrey Assad: The House You're Building Review

With The House You’re Building, new Sparrow artist Audrey Assad debuts her remarkable voice and peaceful contemporary music with a wide variety of styles. Already finding herself at the peak of Christian music charts, Audrey is sure to make an impression on the listener through her new album.

“For Love Of You,” begins The House You’re Building with a “clappy” drumbeat that progresses into a nicely paced pop worship song. Already, Audrey’s beautiful voice mixes in perfectly her style of music as she sings of the goodness of God and how it lights a fire in us: “For love of You/ I’m a sky on fire/ because of You/ I come alive/ and it’s Your sacred heart within me beating/ Your voice within me singing out/ for love of You.” I enjoyed Audrey’s piano talent as well, something that appears throughout the album. The title track immediately follows, being a prayer to God to use us, even as broken stones and “lay me in the house You’re building.” For a debut project, I thought this track was the perfect title track, containing a steady drum beat mixed again with gorgeous piano talent. This seemed to be one track that greatly accentuated Audrey’s high, angelic voice.

On “Breaking Through,” Audrey pierces the silence with remarkably high vocals and quiet piano in the background. Progressing as it goes on, till it has a strong, but still slow, drumbeat, Audrey sings about how God leads us home, even when we are “a blind man trying to find the way.” “Everything Is Yours,” my favorite from the album, seemed to be similar musically to The Afters’ track “Say It Now.” A catchy track, indeed, Audrey’s fill-ins seemed to be the climax of the track, introducing the strong chorus: “Everything is Yours/ I’m letting it go/ No it was never mine to hold/ never mine.”

“Restless,” already receiving rave reviews from media companies all around the U.S., is a gorgeous piano-based song, speaking of the rest that we find only in Jesus. It shouldn’t be amazing that this track is becoming a hit, as it was written by Audrey and worship leader Matt Maher, and seemed to be yet another track that emphasized Audrey’s beautiful voice. “Carry Me” is likewise very catchy, pointing that we are blessed when we go through suffering: “As I carry this cross/ You’ll carry me.” At this point, the track progresses, bringing in total fullness.

“Ought to Be,” one of two tracks on The House You’re Building written by Audrey, Sarah Hart, and Marc Byrd, tends to be a bit of a campfire, largely acoustic track. A love song to Audrey’s fiancée, I enjoyed the sweet lyrics to the track: “It may not be as red as the roses yet/ it may not be strong as the old oak tree, but/ love planted deeply becomes what it ought to be.” I also very much enjoyed the whistling act harmonized by two voices. “Known,” co-written with Phillip Larue, leans on the slower side of things with a piano ballad, worshiping God for knowing each of us: “Savior, You known me as I am/ Healer, You have known me as I was/ as I will be/ in the morning in the evening/ You have known me.” “Come Clean” contains the same, yet a different type of piano ballad sound, reminding ourselves that it is time to put away anything that stands in the way of our relationship with God, and lamenting the fact that “it takes time/ it takes time to come clean.”

“Run Forward” contains a catchy, slow dance tempo mixed with the quiet strings and piano, speaking to the heart of someone who’s life is filled with regret: “So I’ll run forward and pray you fall back/ grace will come and clear your path/ I’ll run forward and you fall back/ come back.” The album ends finally with “Show Me” containing nothing other than Audrey’s gorgeous piano talent. Seeming to be a lullaby, “Show Me” speaks of dying to our flesh and being healed by grace: “Bind up these broken bones/ mercy, bend and breathe me back to life/ but not before You show me how to die.” Even though I would have liked one more upbeat track, this song brought a nice end to The House You’re Building.

Audrey Assad’s debut project The House You’re Building is a perfect introduction to Audrey’s music. With quite a few contemporary tracks and even a few piano-based worship tracks, (which I particularly enjoy, being a pianist myself) Audrey gives the listener a wide range to choose from. Already seeing several tracks make it to the top of Christian music charts, Audrey is definitely “one to watch” as called her, and will no-doubt become a favorite of Christian music fans everywhere. Her gentle, yet dynamic voice was the force behind the whole project, making the whole project an enjoyable listening experience.

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: July 13, 2010

Track listing:
1. For Love of You
2. The House You’re Building
3. Breaking Through
4. Everything Is Yours
5. Restless
6. Carry Me
7. Ought To Be
8. Known
9. Come Clean
10. Run Forward
11. Show Me

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