Thursday, October 7, 2010

10,000th Facebook Friend (from Revive)

I wish I was Revive's 10,000th Facebook friend!! :)


  1. HAHAHAHA1!!I love this haha it cracks me up. I've never heard of this band so i'm going to check them out.

  2. I saw them in concert... they were awesome. Haha... they have beautiful accents. *ahem* just saying. I actually got to meet them, talk to them, and take pictures with them. They were really geniune and nice. :)

    Bleah Briann

  3. Goofy, with creative vocals. :D My favorite verse is the last one. But it's TOO catchy. So catchy I had to watch it twice last night and had it stuck in my head ALL. DAY. Today.

    Your fault, Jay. ;)

  4. Oh great. Just watched it for the THIRD TIME TODAY!!!

    Heehee. :D Did I mention it's a fun song?

  5. Wow! That's awesome! Lucky guy, that Nathan Patterson!


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