Saturday, September 25, 2010

Steven Curtis Chapman: Save In The Arms EP

On September 17th, Steven Curtis Chapman released Save In The Arms, an EP followup to Beauty Will Rise. This EP, which is already getting rave reviews, includes one original track "Close To Your Heart," as well as an acoustic of "Beauty Will Rise." It also contains a 45-minute interview that Steven did, talking about the challenges of losing his daughter Maria two years ago. Also featured is Mary Beth Chapman speaking about her new book Choosing to See while on the Chapman Family Tour this year. And lastly, but certainly not least, is "We Will Wait," a song by Steven's son and band Caleb. These five tracks certainly make the EP worth only $2.49, so go get it today from itunes.

You can also read some rave reviews right on itunes, or read this great one from Jesus Freak Hideout (which is rated 5-stars).

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  1. How cool! Did you know that Steven wrote "Safe in the Arms" with Matt Redman for Scott and Kerry Hasenbalg after their little girl Isabella was stillborn? Matt sung it at Maria's memorial service. Sweet song. So glad it has helped SCC and his family through their own loss. "She's safe in the arms of Jesus." It's true!


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