Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Outta Space Love IS OUT!

Group 1 Crew is releasing their third album Outta Space Love today! Well, here's the cool part - it's only $3.99 on amazon today! Although this CD features the same five tracks from the Spacebound EP, Outta Space Love also includes eight brand new tracks. "Let's Go" even features a guest appearance from TobyMac! So go pick it up today!

In honor of G1C's new album, I would like to share my favorite track (that I've heard so far). It's "Live It Up" from the Spacebound EP. Enjoy!


  1. I LOVE G!C!! They're so awesome. I'm excited to hear their new songs.

  2. About your story. Where can I find the rest of it? I clicked on the link but it only went to part 10 and it's very confusing because I don't know who James, Nick, or John is... So, just let me know! And bwt, IT'S REALLY GOOD! I said that on a different comment, but I really mean it!


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