Saturday, September 11, 2010

Make A Difference Tour 2010!

The Make A Difference Tour featuring Max Lucado, Toby Mac, Third Day, Michael W. Smith and Jason Gray kicks off September 30th! This tour is a A World Vision Event, and you can find out all the details at the tour's website. See tour dates on the above image.


  1. You know Jay it's not been intentional my 2 or 3 week lack of WFW. I am just flat out busy! I think of writing some things down; then I think of our audience! One thing that we don't have is "Baby Christians" we have people who are versed in the Word and make great commentary.

    This certainly doesn't imply that I intend on missing anymore WFW's! I have and will always believe that the more we hear the Word of God or are exposed to it the better we become from receiving that blessing. Imigine that...we get blessed with God's word and we benefit tremendously by growing into Christians all for nothing but a simple submission and commitment to our Lord!

    Thanks for you reply it was awesome! Cheers!


  2. Hey thanks, J.P!

    I really enjoyed reading your latest WFW. It was truly encouraging to read about how exercising our faith builds us up in God. A lot of times people tend to think that they can go a long period of time without prayer simply because they just did it a few minutes ago. But when we don't exercise, we only atrophy our spiritual muscles.

    And let me tell you, one awesome thing about your WFWs is that they are simple yet profound. I can literally read a two-paragraph essay you write and walk away with a lot to think of. They're just amazing! :) Keep up the good work!


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