Friday, September 24, 2010

Corey Brooks Band: Damascus Road Review

Damascus Road from the Corey Brooks Band contains a unique sound -- an interesting mix between gospel and contemporary. With a voice that sounds similar to Michael W. Smith, Corey Brooks and his band offer a modern bluegrass-style album full of inspirational lyrics.

Damascus Road begins with “What Are You Looking For?” This track is written to someone searching for love, and answers, “He is the answer/ He is the Savior.” “Chief of These” follows, being a bit on the slower side of things. Beginning with a gorgeous piano mixed with a strong bass guitar sound, it speaks of how each of us has crucified Jesus for ourselves, and that each of us are “the chief of sinners.” (“Every time I sin/ I nail You down/ but You rose again…”)

“Beautiful” is a great song, containing the much-loved gospel feel. I thought it was interesting how Corey began both verses singing very low, and then putting it up an octave by the arrival of the second half of the verse. The point of “Beautiful” is the beautiful ways of God, and how we really need Him at every moment of every day. “Falling Away” begins with only drums, and then progresses, making it feel like a Casting Crowns song. It is a prayer to God to rescue us when we fall away from Him through our sin. This track was one of the highlights of the entire album, in my opinion.

“Wake Up” sounds like an upbeat, country version of Britt Nicole’s hit “Walk On the Water,” and speaks of shining your light to the world: “This is your chance to change the world/ it’s time to show them who you are/ all by yourself you’ll go nowhere/ but with Him, you’ll go far/ this is your chance to change the world/ so wake up/ what are you waiting for?” I particularly enjoyed the inspiring lyrics to this track. “Wall of Shame” is obviously mostly composed of piano and strings, and is a cry to God to forgive us and not judge us for the things for which we have repented of.

“Faith Speaks Louder” speeds up just a touch, again adding the country guitars. It asks the question, “Tell me what on earth am I here for?” and answers the question with the fact that when everything is going wrong, faith speaks louder. “Reprise” is a very cool one-minute instrumental, filled with harmonicas, country guitars, blues, and the works. :) It was definitely a nice addition to an already good album.

“I’m Not Strong Enough” is a slower track that speaks of how weak we are in ourselves. The highlight of this track was definitely the bridge: “I’m not strong enough/ but You are Lord!” This track was very encouraging, and soul penetrating. “All I Really Am,” speaks of how each of us has a desire to live our lives to the fullest in God’s will, but we do not live the way we want to. But then when we surrender our lives to God, we realize “that this life is not my home”: “The more I seek/ the more I find/ my heart’s desire.”

Damascus Road ends peacefully with “Only You,” a song of praise for all that God has given us and has done for us. The highlight was the bridge, where the hardly audible background “Hallelujah” provokes the listener to sing along. It seemed to sum up the album perfectly, being a mix of country/contemporary.

Damascus Road was a very enjoyable listening experience. Never before have I heard a contemporary/gospel mix like I have heard in the Corey Brooks Band. Certain songs have a perfect blend of gospel and blues that make each song completely unpredictable. If you’re looking for something new to listen to, you will probably want to check out Corey Brooks Band’s album Damascus Road!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: August 24, 2010

Track listing:
1. What Are You Looking For?
2. Chief Of These
3. Beautiful
4. Falling Away
5. Wake Up
6. Wall of Shame
7. Faith Speaks Louder
8. Reprise
9. I’m Not Strong Enough
10. All I Really Am
11. Only You


  1. I've never heard of them before... but it looks really, really good! :)


  2. The Cory Brooks Band CD IS Fantastic !!!!


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