Friday, September 3, 2010

Britt Nicole: Acoustic EP Review

Britt Nicole was asked so many times when she would release an acoustic album. Her live songs on the radio and on television became a hit, so she decided to appease her fans with Acoustic.

Since five of the tracks on this album were purely acoustic, Britt’s voice was accentuated through the light music. But not every song was just guitar and singing. First, the EP begins with the original version of “Hanging On,” Britt’s latest radio song. Already largely acoustic, this song speaks about hanging on to every word that God speaks to us. “Set The World On Fire” comes next, and was up a key or two from the original version of Say It. The first chorus seemed a little weak, but is built up when drums begin in the second verse. Being the only song on the EP from Say It, it seemed as though Britt really sang the song from her heart rather than according to the way the song is arranged.

“Headphones” is no doubt the best track on the EP, and built up well in the second verse. Composed of acoustic guitars, bass, and drums, this version was almost a little better than the original version on The Lost Get Found. It is followed by “Walk on the Water,” an encouraging song about stepping out in faith. A little weaker than the original, this track is composed mostly from acoustic guitar. I missed the piano sound from the original version, but Britt’s beautiful voice made up for the missing pieces. I cannot really say whether the remake of “The Lost Get Found” was better or worse than the original, because it contains a much slower tempo, and therefore doesn’t seem as powerful. But the strings and the simple drumbeat made this song a very worshipful song rather than the upbeat version we are used to hearing on the radio. “Found By You” is the only original song on the EP, and I was glad to hear some new music from Britt. It is a cry to be found by God, and begins with a beautiful keyboard sound. It builds slightly by the second verse when the drums and bass play quietly in the background. This song really boasted on behalf of Britt’s angelic voice, and even contained a little harmonizing. “Found By You” contains much of the sentiment of “Don’t Worry Now” from Say It.

I think I’m more a fan of Britt’s upbeat music than the acoustic music, but this EP is in no wise a poor effort. I agree with all the fans who make the comment that this project accentuated Britt’s voice. In my opinion, it almost seemed as though this EP could make Britt win Female Vocalist of the Year at the 42nd Annual Dove Awards! Any Britt Nicole fan will enjoy this EP, and will most likely not be disappointed.

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: August 24, 2010

Track listing:
1. Hanging On
2. Set The World On Fire
3. Headphones
4. Walk On the Water
5. The Lost Get Found
6. Found By You

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  1. She has the most amazing voice I've ever heard; I love her music and how she's always God-centered.


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