Thursday, August 5, 2010

Preorder Britt Nicole's Acoustic EP!

Britt Nicole's "Acoustic" EP won't be due until August 25th, but you can preorder it today from Amazon for one low, low price of $4.98! It features the brand new track from Britt called "Found By You." When you order today, you get $1 of toward mp3 downloads from Amazon (most mp3s are $.99 each). Click here to preorder you copy! You can also preview each of the six songs from the EP here.


  1. I tagged you! You don't have to do the tag if you don't want to, because it's a fantasy quiz, but if you want to, go ahead!


    P.S. Ella looovveees Britt Nicole.

  2. Aly: Wow! I've never been tagged before! :) This should be fun. Maybe I could do it for Ask Jay?

  3. Sounds cool! I do so love Acoustic ;D

    BTW, I forgot to notify you that I posted Hillsong United Hosanna (I don't remember if you asked for the live version? Sorry I couldn't find it together w/ For All Who Are to Come) Anyhow, there are two different vids posted just in case! (I did post them into a larger wordy post because the song got me going on something else)


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