Thursday, August 19, 2010

Keep Changing the World

Miss Szymanski at the DCF blog requested "Keep Changing The World." This song is MIKESCHAIR's latest hit, and even features a lil' rap from Lecrae! This song is great, and I have posted it for your listening enjoyment.

Speaking of MIKESCHAIR, I had promised to share the reason of the band name "MIKESCHAIR." The band's bio shares the explaination:
The name, MIKESCHAIR, piques a lot of interest and begs for an explanation. “The 'chair' was the central gathering point where we got our start,” says Sam. “All of us lived on the same floor of our dorm at Belmont, except for Mike. But, since he was always hanging out with us on our floor, we decided to get him piece of furniture to make him feel a little more at home. The chair was his only piece of property on our floor. He wrote his name on it in big capital letters, and it kind of became his seat of inspiration for writing songs and being creative. The name is a reminder of our humble beginnings and how far God has brought us.”

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