Tuesday, August 3, 2010

House of Heroes rocks!!!

I didn't know House of Heroes was so good till I got their album Suburba which comes out today! It was the deal of the day on Amazon yesterday for $2.99, but surprise, surprise, it's still going on! And if you get it, you will also get the free exclusive download of "Galveston"! Go here to get your download. And here's House of Heroes latest radio hit "Constant" for your listening enjoyment! :D

Review coming soon!


  1. Cool song! But I have never heard of the band. What else do they sing?

  2. House of Heroes is awesome. :D

  3. "Constant" is the only HOH song that I'm aware of that is played on radio. Their other stuff is more hard rock, although some of it is hard to follow. But as P.W. said, "House of Heroes is awesome!" :D Thanks P.W.! Glad you like them too. :)

  4. I bought this last night. Happy it was still on sale. I didn't get a chance to load it onto my Ipod though, so I haven't heard it yet. Can't wait!

  5. Suburba is a really great band, too! They sing "Bittersweet Symphony". It's kind of an under-appreciated song... Love House of Heroes, btw!


  6. @Ella Bennet: they sing In the valley of the dying sun, By your side, It won't Long, Obladi Oblada, Can't buy me love (remakes of the Beatles' songs) All i want for Christmas is you,If, to name a few. You can look them up on google and you can probably find more of their songs. :D


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