Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brooke Fraser: "Albertine"

Recently, I saw Hawk Nelson's video for "Shaken," that was all about making a change. Then, I saw Brooke Fraser's video "Albertine," and was reminded of the same thing. Enjoy this video, and pray about what you can do to make a change in this world. Oh, and by the way, Brooke Fraser's third album Flags is set to come out October 12th! I can't wait!


  1. Man, oh, man! I love Brooke Fraser!!!

  2. Omigosh! I love Brooke Fraser! I heard she and Jon Foreman are writing a song together. We're (us SF/Jon Foreman fanatics) aren't sure if it's going to be a duet or not, but I hope he sings on it. We're also not sure what it's called yet. We just know it'll be on her new album. ^_^


  3. Very cool! Jon Foreman + Brooke Fraser = awesome. :) I didn't know about this. That's pretty neat!

  4. It is a great song! I posted the vid a while back but this one is better quality!


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