Saturday, July 31, 2010

RED: Ordinary World music video

Recently, I heard about RED's latest video for "Ordinary World" from Innocence & Instict. I have to be honest: although I love this song, I think this video is quite... well, strange. I think it's supposed to be a "remake" of Narnia. It has that sort of mystical feel. I think it's definitely "creative," but not down my ally. What's your opinion?


  1. Thank yoo so much for changing your comment box!!!!!! And you are right, the video is kinda weird. But I do like their song "Death Of Me". Well, I did like 7 months ago.:) Have you heard of it?

  2. The music is good, but I don't understand the message. And the video is really strange like you said! I also recognized the elephant with the weird legs and all because we studied some Spanish artist named Salvador Dali who did a bunch of crazy things. It's so weird that they used surrealism in this video though.

  3. Ella: You're welcome! :) Yes, I actually really liked the "Death of Me" video! I did think that one was a little strange, too, though.

    P.W. Yeah, same here. I think their message isn't clear enough, even though it is awesome. I just thought things like the elephant were just... weird.


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