Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dustin Erhardt news...

I just received word that Dustin Erhardt, guitarist for Sixteen Cities, is leaving the band due to some "loose ends." You can read Dustin's farewall post at his blog. Well, since Dustin happens to be a follower of this blog, I just thought I'd share some parting thoughts about him.

Dustin is a good friend of this site, on both blogger and twitter. He once took time off his busy schedule to do a mini interview with Jay's Musik Blog, in which he shared the passion behind his solo music, as well as the challenge of doing both Sixteen Cities and his own project simultaneously. You may remember that I posted both of Dustin's free songs, "Good Enough," and "Animal," and shared the stories behind them. So therefore it was shocking to receive the news that Dustin would no longer be playing with Sixteen Cities, but also a relief to know that he is doing what he believes God has led him to next.

A personal word to Dustin: You will be greatly missed! Know that you will be in my prayers, and you are taking a bold step - it's sometimes hard to obey God, but we know that when He gets our all, He brings blessings. Just know that God has something good for you and that when you choose to obey Him, you get one step closer to it and to Him. We will continue to support you, your music, and Sixteen Cities. We love you!! God bless!

(I hope you don't mind me sharing my heart with you here, Dustin.)

Now here I go to get some tissues... :(

Matthew 6:33 "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you."


  1. Jay,

    Once again, I'm flattered and honored to have become your friend. I hope to continue our friendship as we both seek God's perfect path for our lives. Blessings to you, as always.

    Dustin Erhardt

  2. Jay - you could not have said it any better. You put to words what has been in my heart for Dustin as well. Thank you for sharing your heart. My family and I will also continue in prayer for both Dustin and Sixteen Cities as they all seek God's will for their lives. God Bless. Patti Hedrick, Wilmington Ohio

  3. @Dustin: Thanks so much, Dustin. It's really a blessing to be able to share my heart with you, and it's a privilege to call you friend. Go with God and He will go with you.

    @Patti: Thank you so much, Patti! I appreciate all of your kind words, and thank you for joining with me in prayer for Dustin. I know he will appreciate it.

  4. Very well said, Jay!

    It's going to be sad to see Sixteen Cities without Dustin...

    God bless you, Dustin, as you serve Him wherever He leads!

  5. Awww, Jay, That's so sad! :( We will all miss Dustin! Sixteen Cities won't be quite the same without him! But we know that when God calls us, we must move, so I'm so glad that Dustin is following the path that God has set before him. I love the heart behind what you posted here, Jay; you did a fantastic job sharing your heart. I don't think any of us could have said in any better. ;)


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