Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A little Tal & Acacia for you...

This post goes out to a very special friend, Angela Norris. Enjoy Angela! ;)

I have not yet had the chance to hear Tal & Acacia's latest album through, but I've heard several songs from that CD that I love. I especially enjoy the very true lyrics of their music. I wanted to post two of their songs here for you to enjoy:

First, here's Tal and Acacia singing "Merry Go Round":

Now enjoy Tal and Acacia's radio hit "Garbage In, Garbage Out":

What'cha think?


  1. Hey Jay,

    I've loved these girls' stuff since I heard the three-song free download. "Merry Go-Round" was one of those. It is very good. I bought their album for my niece but had it shipped straight to her. I'll have to borrow it from her.

  2. Jay! Awesome!! They rock. I love how their music is hearable and confrontational at the same time. I can listen to it at work without getting the legalist speeches...lol Thank you for posting them for me! I'll just have to buy some cds!! lol

  3. I love their songs, especially the Garbage In and the Swing Song. They're great.


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