Monday, June 7, 2010

Superchick: Reinvention Review

Superchick gives fans an impressive album with their second remixed project Reinvention. Combining nine remixed tracks with three original tracks, Superchick offers fans courage and hope.

Reinvention begins with “Cross the Line,” becoming a special anthem to go outdo everyone’s expectations, and proved to be a perfect beginning for Reinvention. Next comes “Rock What You Got,” which I thought to be the greatest redone track, with more of a funky beat, and is followed by the first original track, “Let It Roll.” This track is sung almost entirely by Matt Dally, guitarist and vocalist of Superchick. He sings to “Mr. Anger” and “Mr. Worry,” giving the reasons why they are no longer needed. “Karaoke Superstars,” “Hey Hey,” and “One and Lonely” are also given very funky “bassy” drumbeats. These songs are followed by “Breathe,” a track that I did not personally enjoy on Rock What You Got. I was, therefore, happy with the decision to remix this track, an effort which turned out well. Beginning with a slightly scary techno sound, and containing more drums, this is a job well done. Superchick kept the original vocals on this track. “Bowling Ball” is given high-pitched keyboard sound and a stronger, more techno beat, and is followed by the remix of “Pure.” I do not think this track is any better than the original, but it is certainly not worse, and surprisingly contains stringed instruments. “Wishes” is also remixed, and is given a catchy subtitle: “Wishes (Teens Falling In/ Out of Love mix),” and is appropriately called so. The best track on Reinvention, in my opinion, was the original track, “Still Here.” Being on the slower side, with gorgeous piano, “Still Here” speaks of pressing against all impossibilities. It builds up suddenly with the arrival of the chorus. Reinvention ends with another original track, “You.” Barely containing any music, lead singer Tricia sings to her husband speaking of how she will always be at his side through highs and lows. I did not particularly care for this track, compared to the remaining tracks.

Overall, Reinvention is an excellent remixed project from Superchick. However, I did not find “You,” to be a very appropriate track for this record, and I was disappointed that several of these tracks were also remixed on Superchick’s original project Regeneration. Each of these tracks, though, is improved greatly with the addition of mostly techno drumbeats and sometimes funky. Any Superchick fan, and fan of techno and funk will enjoy Reinvention from Superchick. This reviewer rates this project 4 out of 5.

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  1. I have heard this album on napster, and i personally don't care for it very much except for "Hey Hey", which I like. :D "Bowling Ball" is ok too, but I'm not a very big Superchick fan.


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