Monday, June 28, 2010

Stellar Kart: Everything Is Different Now review

With Stellar Kart’s fourth studio project, they return to their original roots: worship music. But this is in no way a let down for fans of Stellar Kart, as the band mixes both their familiar punk sound with worshipful anthems in Everything Is Different Now. So with this album, many things are, in fact, different, but is definitely an excellent project.

Stellar Kart collaborated with Hillsong United to write two songs on the album, a fact that is obvious by the opening track “All My Heart.” Opening with a gorgeous piano sound, the band sings about giving God our all: “Jesus, You’re my Savior/ there is no one else like You/ You have all my heart/ all my heart/ I will sing forever/ there is no one else like You/ You have all my heart.” This track is followed by the band’s first radio hit from this album, the energy-packed “We Shine.” This track, written by worship artist Fee, speaks of shining as lights for our Savior Jesus Christ. Stellar Kart fans will appreciate the band’s effort to making the track sound even more upbeat than it was previously.

The band’s latest hit from Everything Is Different Now, “Something Beautiful,” was partially written by the band’s own lead singer Adam Agee. If you can imagine Owl City’s smashing hit “Fireflies,” than you can imagine this track. Also filled with a slight futuristic feel, it speaks of filling the places that only God can fill: “We were born to be a part of something Holy/ all of us are restless till we find/ we were born to be a part of something Holy/ bigger than/ bigger than/ you and I/ bigger than/ bigger than/ bigger than all our lives.” It does contain slight repetition, but in my opinion, is the best track on the record.

Everything Is Different Now even contains the classic “Spirit In The Sky.” Stellar Kart fans will not be disappointed by this version, however, because it stays true to Stellar Kart’s familiar punk sound. The title track, written by Agee and producer Ian Eskelin, contains a similar sound to their previous hit “Jesus Loves You,” and speaks about the real change that Jesus has made in our lives: “Everything is Different Now/ You’re the Love I’ve finally found/ everything is different now/ because of You.”

“It’s Not Over” follows the title track, sounding similar to a campfire song, with mostly guitar, but not too slow. It gives an encouraging message of perseverance, and was co-written with Chasen Callahan. “Rescue” very well could have been the beginning track, once again being a powerful anthem with a message of freedom in Christ:: “I’ve been released from darkness/ My life has been redeemed/ now I am found in You/ You pulled me from the fire/ for all eternity/ my chains have been removed/ my chains my been removed/” and then turns into an energetic chorus: “My God, my hope, my rescue/ the cross has set me free/ no power can stand against us/ I’ll shout it out/ shout it out!”

Everything Is Different Now contains Matt Redman’s renowned track “You Never Let Go.” Stellar Kart does not do much to this track, and keeps it’s original sound. Nevertheless, it is refreshing to hear another band perform the same song. But fans who are tired of this song from Christian radio may not appreciate Stellar Kart’s version. They again speed up the pace with “Until My Heart Caves Again” a track which speaks about being a warrior for Jesus, and being willing to give up anything (“I’m a warrior/ I will die for You”).

The band’s worship project ends with “Like The Sun,” a track which slows down a bit, and sounds remarkably similar to “Letters” from their third album Expect The Impossible. This song, written entirely by lead-singer Adam Agee brags on behalf of Stellar Kart’s clever lyrics: “I know the moon is high tonight/ and the earth is far below/ I know your asking “Why tonight/ and the hours are moving slow/ you can’t see the reasons/ you don’t understand it all/ like the sun will sun/ like the rain will fall/ I’ll be there to pick you up/ anytime you call.” It was the perfect track to end this worship project from Stellar Kart, and leaves you with the same satisfaction as did Expect the Impossible.

Stellar Kart’s fourth studio project Everything Is Different Now is in no wise a let down. In fact, I believe this to be the best project from Stellar Kart yet, as the band proves to be improving more with each and every project. I can recommend this album to any Christian music fan in general, because it contains everything from worship, to rock, and even includes Stellar Kart’s very own punk sound. This is an awesome album!

This reviewer rates Everything Is Different Now by Stellar Kart a 5-star album.


  1. I was kind of hoping you'd review this CD sometime. I knew it had to be pretty good because I love Something Holy and We Shine. I really like Stellar Kart and Jesus Loves You is one of my favorite songs of all time. Thanks for the review!

  2. You're welcome! Glad you've enjoyed the review! :D


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