Friday, June 25, 2010

Relevant Reverence: The Fallen Cry review

The Fallen Cry by Relevant Reverence is a project - one that aims at getting fans to worship using songs that reflect the true condition of the heart. That is why The Fallen Cry brings honesty and truth to our attention through this project. In fact, Jesus said to the Samaritan woman at the well in John 4:23: "But the hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for the Father is seeking such to worship Him.” Relevant Reverence’s goal with The Fallen Cry is to inspire true, heart-felt worship, and to bring back, as the band puts it, “…full spectrum of Psalms to the modern-day worship experience.”

The band’s sound is one of soft rock, similar to what you might find from slower Jars of Clay tracks, or Telecast. This project is completely different from most Christian music, and is therefore one that Christian music fans should add to their collection.

The Fallen Cry begins with “Who Am I to Him,” a track that laments our sins, yet how we are still special in the sight of God. I especially enjoyed verse 2: “I can’t forget/ what I’ve already done/ that I’ve bitten the apple/ seen that I’m nothing before you/ so how can you say I’m beautiful to You?/ Oh Father, please stay.” It then proceeds to ask, “Who am I to God Almighty?” and then answers, “Everything to God almighty/ splendor, glory, God Almighty.” It was the perfect track to set off the band’s latest CD.

Things slow down a bit with “Rise Up and Shine,” a track that is based mainly on Isaiah 60. This was one reason I particularly enjoyed this track – because it was mostly Scripture. I enjoyed how the track shifts between the “rise up and shine” passage to “I will wait upon the Lord.” It is followed by a slightly more upbeat track “On the Battlefield,” which has lyrics derived from the Sermon on the Mount. Take for example, these lyrics: “Slap my face/ I’ll turn my cheek/ Steel my coat/ hold on/ here’s a sweater/ love the ones I hate/ okay/ But I just don’t feel it/ it’s not where my heart’s at/ right now through I want it those words are just words/ and I can’t hardly make out this man past my failures/ not looking for perfect…”

“Do You Trust Me” is a sort of dialogue between Jesus and slows down the pace again, and is followed by the band’s hit from The Fallen Cry, called “I Miss You.” Also being a slower paced track, this track shows off Relevant Reverence’s clever lyrics in a track about missing God: “I’m real tired of this whole premise/ You can see me, why can’t I?/ Every time I look for You/ all that I see is sky/ and I’m sick of other’s stories/ I want one all of my own/ I want to feel Your presence/ but I am all alone/ and I miss You/ I’ve forgotten what it means to miss You.”

“Alabaster Makes Us All the Same” is a track based on the sinner who poured perfume on Jesus. The chorus delivers these encouraging lyrics: “We have all been forgiven the same/ we have all been forgiven of everything/ I will not/ I will not doubt your love/ alabaster means that we are all the same to Your love.” This track is followed by another track of confession of our sins through “My Confession.” It is largely based on Paul’s bemoaning in Romans: “It’s what I want to that I do not do/ and that which I hate is that which I do.” I enjoyed these lyrics from the song: “So much for holy/ I’ll black that white out/ point out the guilty/ I’m pointing at me/ so much I hate me.”

“Only A Shadow” is once again based on a Biblical passage with this one being Psalm 23 and says, “Faith ain’t blind/ it’s based on what I know to be/ not what I see in front of me.” This track is followed by a piano and acoustic guitar based track “Blinding Light.” This is a gorgeous track about offering ourselves to God as “not for sale,” because “I come free.” The highlight of this track is the touching bridge: “What’s this blinding light?/ What’s this robe of white? Hand of God caress my face/ pull me into your embrace.”

“Why Can’t I Hear You” talks about the hardness of waiting still in one place to hear God’s voice. I contains unique lyrics: “I see the snow falling down on my soul/ a blanket of grace/ I don’t want to move lest I dirty it so/ I stay perfectly still ‘til it all melts away.” “What I’ve Been Missing” contains that same gorgeous piano and speaks these lyrics: “Father, I’ll walk beside you/ I’ll walk a million more/ just tell me what we’re walking towards/ I’ll tell you what I’ve been missing.”

The Fallen Cry is closed with “It’s Over,” which is a track from God to His Children: “You are loved/ and you are free/ so rise up and be clean/ ‘cause it’s the morning/ let the joy come in.” In my opinion, this track was an absolutely perfect track to end the album with. It seemed to summarize the whole album in just one song.

The Fallen Cry is excellent for several reasons: For one, it was mostly acoustic with piano and creative lead guitar here and there. Secondly, many of the tracks were almost entirely Biblical passages or had several passages of Scripture mingled in with other creative lyrics, unlike most worship bands today. Thirdly, the band’s message of honesty shows in every track. It is for these three reasons that I recommend Relevant Reverence’s latest album The Fallen Cry. It is a great project that this reviewer gives an A+. Good work, guys!
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  1. Absolutely amazing review, Jay. Thanks so much for 'getting it'! And we're so glad you enjoyed it!

  2. Thanks Eric! I'm really glad that you enjoyed the review, and I'm blessed to be able to help you guys out. :)

  3. Wow! I'd never heard of them before, but this is an amazing album from what you've said. This band sounds very solid and I might just go out and see if I can buy it.


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