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Jesus Freak Hideout: Reader's Choice Awards 2010

The results are in, ladies and gents, for the Jesus Freak Hideout Reader's Choice Awards for 2010! Readers voted for their favorite artists of 2009, and here are the results (my comments follow in italics):

Artist of the Year
Skillet and Fireflight rock! So glad they were at the top.

New Artist of the Year
I voted for The Letter Black. They are excellent, and I'm glad they released a full-length album last month!

Male Vocalist of the Year
Hmmm... I think Jeremy Camp is the best artist in the list. I don't remember who I voted for!

Female Vocalist of the Year
2 - Plumb
5 - Adie
Britt Nicole, woohoo! I love Britt, and it was not a hard choice to vote for her. I did not know much about Brook Fraser at the time I voted, but she is excellent, too. I love her song with Hillsong, "Hosanna"!

Album of the Year
1 - Switchfoot, Hello Hurricane
2 - Skillet, Awake
3 - Thousand Foot Krutch, Welcome to the Masquerade
4 - David Crowder*Band, Church Music
5 - NEEDTOBREATHE, The Outsiders
I don't know how Switchfoot won over Skillet! Skillet's Awake album is the best rock album ever!

Song of the Year
1 - Switchfoot, "Mess Of Me"
2 - Skillet, "Hero"
3 - Skillet, "Monster"
4 - Owl City, "Fireflies"
5 - Skillet, "Awake & Alive"
6 - Thousand Foot Krutch, "Fire It Up"
7 - Relient K, "Forget and Not Slow Down"
8 - Switchfoot, "Hello Hurricane"
9 - David Crowder*Band, "How He Loves"
10 - Jason Gray, "More Like Falling In Love"
NEEDTOBREATHE, "Something Beautiful" (TIE)
Uh huh, Skillet again. I'm pretty sure I voted for "Hero" by Skillet, but all of 'em are great! I also love Jason Gray's "More Like Falling In Love." (Heck, he's from Centricity!) :) I had not heard that song at the time I voted... wish I had!

Rock/Alternative Album of the Year
1 - Switchfoot, Hello Hurricane
2 - Skillet, Awake
3 - Thousand Foot Krutch, Welcome to the Masquerade
4 - NEEDTOBREATHE, The Outsiders
Yes, I'm sure I voted for Skillet! How did Switchfoot ever win again? I'm sure it's because it's newer than Awake, and people are probably starting to get tired of Awake... NOT ME!

Heavy Album of the Year
1 - Project 86, Picket Fence Cartel
2 - August Burns Red, Constellations
3 - The Devil Wears Prada, With Roots Above and Branches Below
4 - Demon Hunter, Live In Nashville
5 - Stryper, Murder By Pride
Hmmm... I had only heard of Stryper at the time of this voting, so that's who I voted for. However, my brother introduced me to the "screaming talent" of Demon Hunter, and I'm also familiar with Project 86.

Pop / Pop Rock / Contemporary Album of the Year
1 - Owl City, Ocean Eyes
2 - Jars Of Clay, The Long Fall Back To Earth
4 - BarlowGirl, Love & War
5 - Newsboys, In The Hands Of God
Kutless! Hands down for this one. These guys rock, and they have a real heart of worship. Glad it was in the top five (although, I think Avalon's Reborn was in the list, and I would have liked to see that one a little higher). I actually love all these CDs, though! I've not heard more than two of Owl City's tracks, but they both contain excellent music.

Hip Hop/Dance Album of the Year
1 - Family Force 5, Dance Or Die With A Vengeance
4 - B.Reith, Now Is Not Forever
5 - And Then There Were None, Who Speaks For Planet Earth?
KJ-52 no doubt! I'm not a huge hip-hop fan, but that CD is excellent, especially "End of My Rope"!

Christmas Album of the Year
5 - Big Daddy Weave, Christ Is Come
Aw man! Downhere's CD should have been #1. It's awesome, especially "Good King Wesceslas" (hope I spelled that right!). Downhere is with Centricity, too!

Best Album Cover Art
1 - Switchfoot, Hello Hurricane
2 - Skillet, Awake
3 - Thousand Foot Krutch, Welcome to the Masquerade
5 - Flyleaf, Memento Mori
Guess which one I voted for? If you guessed Skillet, you're right! Their album art is a little eerie, but I love Skillet a lot, and they have a unique way of conveying their message.

Best Live Performance
Uh huh, Skillet rocks again! Need I say more? :)

Most TRULY Under-Rated Artist/Band
4 - Downhere / Showbread (TIE)
I don't remember who I voted for, although I probably voted for Fireflight. Their album has an outstanding message, intertwined with hard, hard rock! I would say Sixteen Cities has to the be the best underated band. They're OUTSTANDING! (And yes, they are Centricity, too!) They actually weren't on the list, because they didn't come out in 2009. I hope they will be on 2010's list!

YOUR Most Anticipated Release Of 2010 - Out of JFH's Highlight Picks
Fireflight's "For Those Who Wait"! But now I'm looking forward to Newsboys next month!

Artist You Would Like To See Return
Hmmm... I'd love to see dcTalk get back together, but I voted for Petra. I think others SHOULD agree with that, although dcTalk has the greatest possibility of this happening. (I've heard the rumors of them getting back together next year!)

Record Label of the Year
1 - Tooth & Nail Records
2 - Flicker Records
3 - Gotee Records
4 - Solid State Records
5 - BEC Recordings
All these are great! Especially BEC, which does Kutless, Jeremy Camp, and so many others that my mind has gone blank! I'm sad though, because if you've read all my other comments, you probably figured out that I voted for Centricity! I've worked with them somewhat, and they are very kind, helpful people, who put out AWESOME music from great artists (Sixteen Cities is the best, and also Downhere, Jason Gray, Lenae Hale, Daniel Kirkley, Me In Motion, and a few others.) I wish they won, but the rest are great, too!

So there you have it! The Jesus Freak Hideout Reader's Choice Awards for 2009, plus Jay's very own commentaries. Hope you enjoyed reading! And as always, you can check out really cool music news and other Christian music "stuff" at

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