Friday, June 18, 2010

Jeremy Camp - We Cry Out: The Worship Project track listing

We all knew that Jeremy Camp was releasing We Cry Out: The Worship Project on August 24th (You know- the one that features "Jesus Saves"), but now we know that Jeremy is redoing some popular Christian hits! Here are the track listings for his new worship project:

1. Jesus Saves

2. Not Ashamed

3. The Way

4. Mighty to Save

5. We Cry Out

6. You are the Lord

7. Everlasting God

8. Overcome

9. You Never Let Go

10. Unrestrained

11. King Jesus

That's quite a track listing, and it ought to be excellent! How many do you recognize?


  1. Wow! Ought to be interesting to hear Mighty to Save and Everlasting God (both super songs) I also recognize You Never Let Go from Matt Redman; Not Ashamed I am not sure of, because there's a whole bunch of songs by that name it seems! Sounds like it should be good!

  2. I recognize the same ones as The Other Alice (BTW, I love that name :D). It will be interesting to hear his versions of those songs and also to hear all those new ones.

  3. Interesting! I'm not up-to-date with Camp's songs, so IDK about any of those ones. :(


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