Monday, June 14, 2010

Free Group 1 Crew "Walking On the Stars" Download

Group 1 Crew and Air1 radio are giving you a free download of G1C's latest radio hit, "Walking On the Stars"! This track, from their latest EP Spacebound, can be yours simply for entering your email address! Click here and you'll be on your way!


  1. Hey, Jay. Yeah, I heard the world premiere of the song on Air 1 yesterday morning. It's a great song, a little bit different from the normal Crew style, but still great. I look forward to their new album, Outta Space Love, that comes out in September.

    Thanks for your kind words about my blog. I hope to be visiting yours very often.

  2. BTW, I read through all of your CD reviews, and you are awesome at reviewing albums. You say everything I want to say about the albums I have, and offer a lot of reasons to buy the albums that I don't have. I don't remember finding an album that you didn't give 5 stars. :D I will definitely be sticking with this blog.

  3. Cool info on Beckah Shae that I heard on Air 1 this morning:

    1. She has two daughters, 18 mos. and 3 yrs.: Grace and Joy.

    2. She is Jewish and says the word "Life" in Jewish in her hit song.

    3. She was born in California.

    4. Her first ever real concert was at her church and she got paid $100.

  4. She was on Air 1 this morning because her new CD, "Life", came out today, along with a new, revamped website.

  5. Thank you Christian! Glad you enjoyed the download, and thanks for the comments! I heard the last half of the interview with Beckah Shae this morning with Ashton, so thanks for filling me in! I absolutely love her latest single "Life". Who knows? Maybe I'll end up reviewing her CD with a 5-star, too? :)

    Thanks again for everything! Take care.

  6. Than you for posting this! I just got it and it is ARSOME! (I use capital letters a lot!)


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