Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Downhere: You're Not Alone

Hey, check out the latest track from Downhere called "You're Not Alone"! Even complete with lyrics, folks! The new album from Downhere is set to be released sometime around Christmas. I know what I'm going to get this year! :)



  1. I've only really ever heard two Downhere songs. One I don't really remember, except that it was by Downhere, and the other was their big hit, "Here I Am", which I almost bought off iTunes because it was so good.

  2. Christian,

    You might remember "The More," "A Better Way," or "My Last Amen"? That last one was their most recent Air1 hit. (Love it a lot!)

  3. I actually do know My Last Amen; I just didn't know it was by them. A Better Way was the name of the other one that I heard, but couldn't remember the name.

  4. Great song! I almost posted it a while back (I had bought the MP3 from Napster about 3 weeks ago :D), but wasn't able to get the time. Umm.... u think u could post "My Last Amen" too? :D


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