Monday, June 21, 2010

Cool Children 18:3 Contest

I just found out about this cool contest from Jesus Freak Hideout: 10 winners will be randomly chosen to ask Children 18:3 a question of their choice. How cool is that? I was thinking about asking where they got their name, but I found out! Children 18:3 refers to Matthew 18:3 where Jesus said, "Assuredly, I say to you, unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the kingdom of heaven." Cool, huh? Anyways, make sure you enter JFH's contest! Hurry... you've only got till Thursday, June 24th! Click on the picture to be on your way.


  1. Is Children 18:3 a Christian band I haven't heard of, or an organization, or what?

    I totally agree with you about Five-Two Television. It was definitely KJ-52's best, and I can't think of a song I didn't like on that CD. My favorites are the ones with TFK, Pillar, and G1C in them.

  2. Christian,

    Children 18:3 is a band that I just discovered. I will be sure to post more about this band in the future. :)

    About 52-Television: I'm absolutely addicted to "End of My Rope," and I also really like the message behind the news headline at 5 track. Great stuff!

  3. Yeah, I agree. I totally forgot about End of My Rope. I really do like that one though. It's probably my second- or third-favorite on the CD. My favorite message behind a song on the CD is Swagged Out With Tags Out. It has a great message about sticking to your label, not just saying you're a Christian band, but not acting like it.

  4. You should host a contest for us to win Revive. =P When I try to enter the contest, however, it doesn't go. It say it's ended. Ah well, it's not like I've heard of 'em. ;)


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