Sunday, May 23, 2010

Dustin Erhardt: "Good Enough"

Dustin Erhardt from Sixteen Cities just released a new track called "Good Enough." As with "Animals," I love the song, and have posted it for your listening enjoyment! Check out the bottom of the player to find out how to download the track for yourself!

What do you think? Dustin recorded "Good Enough" inbetween a busy schedule with Sixteen Cites, and he admits that can be difficult: "Since my band Sixteen Cities is so busy recording and touring lately, it can be hard to find spare time to record and write music on my own." Dustin also has given this and "Animal" away as free downloads. But many people want to know, "Why would you want to give away your songs for free?" Well, Dustin told Jay's Music Blog: "Right now I'm giving away all my songs for free as I release them, mostly because I believe that music should be as accessible as possible. All I'm asking is that people give me feedback on the songs so I can keep making better ones." And with "Animals," Dustin shared the origin of the track: "I heard a song a few weeks ago that I loved. Before the song had finished playing, I had already whipped out my phone and figured out who the artist was. The song was 'Animal' by a band called Neon Trees. I loved it so much that I had to record it myself, it was the only way I could properly pay tribute to it. My interpretation is a bit different from the Neon Trees version, but that's the beauty of great songs; they have the power to move you no matter who sings them, or no matter what the musical arrangement is." And finally, Dustin shares why music is so important to him: "For me, music has always been emotional. The kind of emotion that you can't choose, it just happens to you. Like falling in love. I try to make music that takes people on a ride."

Special thanks to Dustin Erhardt for the quotes and picture!

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