Sunday, April 18, 2010

What's Up With Marty Sampson?

My friend Alice was noting in a recent review that Marty Sampson didn't sing in Faith+Hope+Love, a recent Hillsong CD. So I set out on a mission to find out what Marty was up to... Did he leave Hillsong? Did he start a solo project?

Well, I have come across a rumor that Marty actually left Hillsong. This however, remains a rumor that I cannot validate, so that's on the back burner. But, yes, Marty is a solo artist now! He recently released "Let Love Rule," his first solo EP. Apparently, it's no longer available for sale, but you can hear some of the tracks here. I'll keep an eye out for any info on Marty for all of you Hillsong fans.

View Marty Sampson's website here.

UPDATE (07/08/10): On his myspace page, Marty stated that "he has been for many years (and continues to be)" with Hillsong Church. I'm still not sure why we haven't heard anything new from him, but at least we know he has not left Hillsong. There's another rumor I've heard of that states that Hillsong Church's recent expansion sent Marty away to a sister-church. As always, I'll keep you posted.


  1. Oh no! We oughta all send in petitions saying, "Please stay, Marty!" Well really, I do not know about those rumors, because he is still writing songs for Hillsong and leading worship in some extensions of Hillsong Church. I really really hope the rumors are false!

    Back in 2006, it looked like Miriam Webster had left Hillsong, because she wasn't singing on thealbums, but we found out she was still writing songs for them in 2006 and 2007. There have been several people who used to sing on the albums but seemed to disappear after time. Sometimes they still sing, but are not in the front as often, and other times they never reappear. I hope that in this case Marty sings again!

    And I am actually impressed, Jay (though not really surprised) that you went on an investigation! Thanks for offering to keep us updated! :D

  2. I have tried looking into this matter strictly through web searches for a long time now and it is an odd, odd thing for someone with the talent of Marty Sampson to disappear from all CD's and DVD's. Joel Houston has not disappeared. Jad Gillies has essentially taken Marty's place (Jad is great!). I'm not going to speculate as to whether there is an issue with Marty or with Hillsong. But I will say that Marty's singing and writing talents helped propel Hillsong United and the new edgier version of Hillsong to become a global phenom. Hillsong features their stars, and he was their brightest star. And now he is not doing anything public other than his EP. Singer/songwriters spend lifetimes getting to where he was at 25 and now he's done? Don't give up your investigation!

  3. @ Anonymous: Wow, if Jad was taking Marty's place, that would make it a little better. "Forever Reign" was sung by Jad and it's one of my favorite Hillsong songs to date. I do really miss Marty, though. The last time we heard him was in the I-Heart Revolution album by Hillsong United back in 2008. :( I will keep up my investigation, and I'm glad to hear that you'll be following along. :D

  4. O Marty é o MELHOR o Jad até que é bom mais o Marty é insubstittuivel!!! Ele é único!! Volta MARTY!! wE Love you!!


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