Saturday, April 3, 2010

What's Falling Up Doing?

Ever wondered what is up with the band members of Falling Up? Well, here's a little Falling Up history and current update from Air1's Ashton. (Special thanks to Air1 for allowing me to post this.)

2002- Falling Up is born with Jessy Ribordy, Jeremy Miller, Josh Shroy (The final 3 remaining members of the band), Joseph Kisselburgh, Andrew Dub & Tom Cox.

2003- Andrew said good bye & the band welcomed Michael Humphrey as their DJ, who also replaced Andy on keyboards.

2004- was a good year, mainly because they all remained...

2005- Tom Cox & Michael Humphrey are out. (Cox goes on to his current band Becoming an Archer.) Falling Up then adds Micah Sannan & Adam Taylor.
Confused yet? Hang on, we're almost there!!

2006- arrives and after a few years touring, Joseph Kisselburgh is out. (He now has his band The Send.)

2007- Micah Sannan departs. He's now in the band Disciple (and he's the Disciple guitarist we've asked you to pray for due to a serious infection, 3 surgeries in 5 days.) Adam Taylor also waved goodbye that year, too.(He currently does merch for Hawk Nelson.)

From 2007 on, Daniel Hudleston joined the remaining trio of Falling Up's Jessy Ribordy, Jeremy Miller & Josh Shroy. Who knows where these 4 end up next? Word has it that Falling Up and ex-member Joseph Kisselburgh, now of The Send, are currently collaborating. Think of it like a Falling Up reunion ... kind of.

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