Monday, April 12, 2010

Plumb "Beautiful History: A Hits Collection" Review

In Plumb’s latest album, Beautiful History: A Hits Collection, Plumb delivers a collection of her most popular tracks. Many of the songs on this album were either remixed or redone, making for more than just repetition of previously released tracks. Plumb offers three remixes of her most popular hit, “In My Arms,” each one having it’s own catchy, unique beat. One of these remixes is the radio cut edition. Plumb also re-recorded “Stranded,” “Here With Me,” and “God-Shaped Hole,” all from her Candy Coated Waterdrops album. Each one is new and definitely deserves to be on a greatest hits album. One of my favorite tracks on Beautiful History is “Cut: Bronleewe & Bose Radio Edit.” Normally being mostly slow and peaceful, this version features techno drums. Plumb also features the original track of this song from Chaotic Resolve. “Damaged,” (the remix--one of Plumb’s best works in my opinion), “I Can’t Do This,” “Blush,” and “Better” are also featured from Chaotic Resolve, in original form. Beautiful History features only one track from Beautiful Lumps of Coal, “Real.” “Beautiful History” is one of two original, previously unreleased tracks on this greatest hits album. It is written from God’s perspective to us, His children, reassuring us that He is always with us and won’t let us fall. The encouraging lyrics of this track are: “I am here/ I’m holding you/ You’ll make it through this/ I am here.” “Hang On”, an encouragement to keep holding on in troubled times, receives two remixes, in addition to the original track.

This is an excellent album for any Plumb fan! These are definitely Plumb’s greatest hits for any one interested in Plumb, who doesn’t yet have any albums. I was disappointed, however, that out of sixteen tracks, six of the tracks were other versions of the same songs. Each one is different and unique, though, so I would still recommend this album to any Christian rock/contemporary fan.

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