Friday, April 30, 2010

My New Stereo Player...

Remember when I recently shared how I was saving for a stereo player? Well, I got one! This has the normal stereo speakers, plus a subwoofer, so I'm all set as far as the bass goes! (Actually, it vibrates the floor; I can really feel the music.) It does have audio-in-- perfect since most of my music is on my mp3 player. It also has an alarm feature to go off in the morning. I'll see how this works tomorrow morning... :D I'm really excited about this stereo player:

stereo player,jays music blog

stereo player,jay's music blog

Because it was a display model, I got it on clearance for half off the original retail! Talk about a sale! Notice that the stereo player "boombox" from the header is now hanging out underneath. Well, I don't need that 5 year old player anymore, 'cause I got an upgrade!

What do you think? Isn't it so cool looking?


  1. Cool! Congratulations and have fun! One warning: don't leave the volume up or you (not to mention your family and the bedbugs) will have quite a rude awakening when the alarm goes off!!! :D Congrats again!

  2. That is certainly a cool looking stereo! Now I want one! :D

  3. Alice: Thanks for the warning! I actually didn't have the nerve to try it out this morning. But I will...SOON!

    Brickster: Don't tell your Mom. Jay's Music Blog is not held personally responsible. ;D


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