Friday, March 19, 2010

Fireflight "For Those Who Wait" Review

Fireflight is back with their third album For Those Who Wait. This album is in no wise a disappointment for loyal fans of the band, and even shows several signs of improvement. The album starts off strongly with the title track, beginning with gorgeous strings suddenly bursting into hard rock. “For Those Who Wait” is all about waiting on God and learning from your pain: “So we sing a lullaby/ to the lonely hearts tonight/ let it set your heart on fire/ let it set you free/ when you’re fighting to believe/ in a love that you can’t see/ just know there is a purpose for those who wait!” In the bridge, Dawn gently sings, “The pressure makes us stronger/ the struggle makes us hunger/ the hard lessons make the difference/ and the difference makes it worth it.”

Track two on For Those Who Wait is the grunge rock song, “Desperate”. This track is a very unique and different style for Fireflight, but definitely one that fans will love. “You put me on a path I don’t understand/ I’m standing on the ledge/ waving my hands/ You’ve got me desperate/ do you see me/ (Desperate) do you hear me/ (Desperate) you’ve got me desperate.” Dawn sings this song vibrantly, making the song extremely energizing.

“Fire In My Eyes” is extremely rocky and definitely a head-bopping song. This track is one that speaks to God for rescuing us from being trapped in sin, and is a song that boasts of Fireflight’s remarkable lyrics. I especially enjoyed verse two: “Used to live my life locked up inside a room with no door/ before/ You found a window/ You broke it and now I won’t be contained/anymore/ (Chorus) I’ve got a fire in my eyes/ I’m burning brighter than the sun/ You’ve orchestrated my escape/ Now I’m awake.”

I found “Core of My Addiction” to be one of the most enjoyable tracks on this record, because it was one of the many tracks where Fireflight’s male singer sings supporting lyrics. This song tells God that we are addicted to Him: “You’re the core of my addiction/ I wanna loose/ wanna loose myself in You.”

“What I’ve Overcome” has a unique beat, and is a little more mellow that the first three tracks. I found the highlight to be the transition between the chorus and verse when the male singer echoes the lyrics sung. It speaks of breaking the chains and overcoming sin through Christ’s death.

Fireflight also offers hope through “Name”, a track that outlines several common tragic circumstances and then offers these lyrics: “He sees you/ He’s near you/ He knows your face/ He knows your pain/ He sees you/ He loves You/ He knows your name/ He knows your name.” Although very mellow, it contains gorgeous piano music and background orchestral music. Dawn’s gentle vocals again make the track.

After “Name”, fans are again given to Fireflight’s grunge with these lyrics: “Reach out/ Reach out/ This house is burning down/ These walls we built are caving in/ Reach out/ Don’t give up/ We’re standing on the ashes with a clearer view and a new perspective.” “You Gave Me That Feeling” is one of two tracks that carries the sentiment of Fireflight’s The Healing of Harms album. This song I honestly didn’t care for as much as the remainder of the tracks, but it still is promising and extremely rocky, more so than previous effects.

“All I Need to Be” is the other track that sounds similar to The Healing of Harms, and is a track to our Father God asking Him to again tell us all of our strengths: “Tell me again that I am strong/ Tell me again that I won’t fall/ I need You here/ to fix me where I’m wrong/ Take me beyond what I can see/ Break me/ Make me believe/ You have made me all I need to be.” I found the highlight of this track to be the encouraging rhetoric: “Who I am is who I’ve got/ I can’t be who I’m not anymore,” and “I am strong!/ Make me believe/ You have made me all I need to be/ I am strong!/ Make me believe.”

The last track, “Recovery Begins” which is rather slower, is filled with peaceful keyboards throughout the song. Once the track builds, the piano music continues making for a peaceful but not mundane track. “It all comes down to this: The quiet in the end/ I listen for Your voice/ Recovery Begins.”

For Those Who Wait is all around a superb album! It has an excellent balance between slower, worshipful songs to extremely upbeat, hard rock tracks. I found one of the greatest improvements to be the addition of male supporting vocals and backgrounds providing a balance between high and low vocals. I also greatly admire Fireflight’s encouraging, Christian lyrics, unlike most rock bands today. This is definitely Fireflight’s best album, and one for any Christian alternative rock fan to add to their collection.

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: February 9, 2010

Track listing:
1. For Those Who Wait
2. Desperate
3. Fire In My Eyes
4. Core of My Addiction
5. What I've Overcome
6. Name
7. New Perspective
8. You Gave Me That Feeling
9. All I Need To Be
10. Recovery Begins

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