Sunday, March 21, 2010

Cool Fireflight Stuff

If you're a fan of Fireflight, you may be interested in snatching their free unreleased track, "Proof of our Love". All you have to do is enter your email address!

Also of interest, here's Fireflight's Dawn Michele telling the story behind "For Those Who Wait"!

"When we're writing songs, we always pray that God will guide us and that He will bring power to the song. This is one of those times when He truly did. This song turned out to be the theme for the whole album. There are so many hard things going on in so many people's lives that life sometimes can be seen as a giant waiting game. We're just waiting for those hard things to teach us something. Those hard things that happened to you can become the best things that ever happened to you because God can use that pain. He'll turn it into power for your life, to help yourself and to help others. And those will be the cornerstones of your entire life and the basis and the formation of your character." - Dawn

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