Thursday, March 11, 2010

Addison Road Bus Update...

You can imagine how it feels for Addison Road after having had their bus burn to the ground with all their belongings inside. Well now, Jenny (lead singer) updates their fans on what has been going on since then. Because of their fans love and support, the members are now back on their feet:

Wow. What can we say? We are completely blown away by the generosity, love and support we have received from the body of Christ. Words cannot express our gratitude. Through your financial donations, personal stories of facing adversity, prayers, and your reminders of so many beautiful passages of scripture, you have not only met our needs physically but you have been a part of restoring or souls and re-igniting a passion for our ministry as a band. We are incredibly humbled to know that we have played a small part in your lives and overwhelmed with gratitude and joy that you have played a HUGE part in ours.

We wanted to give each of you a brief update on our current situation:
Ryan, Anniston, and I are completely taken care of. Moms literally showed up at the shows in Las Vegas and Paso Robles California with their babies own clothes for us to have. Likewise, people have given Ryan and I their brand new jeans, shoes, and other things from around the house and dear friends in Las Vegas brought us shopping to replace everything we needed! Family, friends, and loyal blog readers have stepped in to provide for us financially and we have recovered or have the money to recover every single thing that we lost. So, as for the Simmons family, it feels like Christmas over here!

Because of the amazing Christian radio stations across the country, facebook, and twitter the band has been able to get out our story to thousands and have been blessed with so many donations! This blows our mind. Thank you for trusting us with your money and believing in our ministry. Please know that every single donation that has been made to the addison road paypal account will go directly to:

Covering the unexpected rental cars, hotel fees, and RV maintenance which preceded and directly followed the fire.

Paying for a new batch of merchandise (we lost all our new merchandise and that is how us starving musicians make our bread and butter while we are out on the road!).

Covering the cost of new gear and sound equipment until the insurance money is in hand and the so many small equipment items we have gathered along the way that insurance will not cover.
And most importantly, your money is making a way for us to purchase a new vehicle. In 2009 the van and trailer we owned were stolen twice… along with ALL our gear! In September, we turned the corner in a rainstorm and ran directly into a giant oak tree that had fallen into the road and totaled that van and trailer. And now… the RV we were renting from friends burned to the ground. Needless to say, in order to continue as a band, we have got to get a new vehicle that we can safely bring our daughter and the band out on the road in. Your contributions after such an incredibly hard year makes that possible.

We want to be completely transparent with every good and perfect gift we receive and want to thank you again for trusting us by giving so generously to our ministry. People have offered their personal vehicles, guitars, homes, and free services like massages (what girl can turn that down?) and insurance advise and we are just incredibly honored and overwhelmed to be a part of such a generous, hard-working, passionate family of Christ.

We covet your prayers, your financial sacrifices to make what we do possible, and really hope you will come to a show and help us sell out this incredible tour!!!

Love, Jenny and the Addison Road gang.
(Courtesy of the Addison Road blog)

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