Sunday, February 7, 2010

TobyMac "Tonight" Review

We’ve all waited three years for a new album from tobyMac, and the wait is finally over! “Tonight” will be officially hitting stores Tuesday, February 9th, 2010.

This album is definitely a step in the right direction for Toby, and definitely an album that fans can call his best work yet. You will find guest appearances from John Cooper of Skillet, Matt Thiessen from Relient K, and Israel Houghton, as well as a 1 minute 34 second track featuring Toby’s son TruDog (“LoudNClear”). This thirteen-track album contains something for everybody from extreme hip-hop to hard-core rock all the way to that familiar gospel sound from “Lose My Soul” on “Break Open the Sky” with Israel Houghton. Hands down, “Tonight” is the best track on the album, with excellent lyrics. While Toby is busy singing, “I want to feel a new day/ I want to live a new way, “ Skillet’s Jon Cooper sings, “There’s got to be more/ There’s just got to be more”. My favorite portion of this track is the chorus: “Right here/ right now/ under the stars/ promise You my heart/ ‘cuz it starts tonight!/ We want to rise/ we want to touch the other side/ we want to soar/ we want to reach right out for more/ ‘cuz it starts tonight!”

Contrary to the beginning of the song, “Get Back Up” is not entirely a slower song. This song is addressed to someone who is going through a really hard time and feels beat down and depressed. “We lose our way/ Get Back Up again/ It’s never too late/ to get back up again.” “Funky Jesus Music” features Beckah Shae and Siti Monroe and is…well, funky! This track reminds me of “Gimme That Funk” by Group1Crew, and features a cool mix between funk, hip-hop, and rock.

We’re probably all familiar with the slow radio hit, “City On Our Knees”. This song is the slowest track on “Tonight”, and brings these encouraging lyrics: “If you gotta start somewhere, why not here?/ If you’ve gotta start sometime, why not know?/ If we’ve got to start somewhere, I say here/ If we gotta start sometime I say now… Tonight’s the night for the sinners and the saints/ Two worlds collide in a beautiful display/ It’s all love tonight/ When we step across the line/ To a city with one King/ A city on our knees.” “Changed Forever” features Nirva Ready, and has a bit of a techno sound to it. The chorus, which has an awesome beat, speaks about being “changed forever” when “I saw Your face and I was changed forever.” “Hold On” is a bit slower, also with a bit of a techno sound, and an awesome track. “So, baby hold on!” are the encouraging lyrics presented by this track. It was written as a track from Toby to his Jamaican wife.

“Hey Devil”, a track with a story line, sounds very similar to “Tonight”, yet presents a different type of rock that is unique to tobyMac. One of my favorite tracks on this album is “Captured”, which carries the same sentiment as “Burn for You”. It even features the same background keyboard and similar chords. This song gives these amazing lyrics: “All I want to do is get into You/ You’ve got me captured/ by Your love/ All I want to do is stay here with You/ You’ve got me raptured/ and I cant get enough!” “Start Somewhere” is quite unique for tobyMac, and it contains a very cool Latino rock style.

Of course, no tobyMac album could possibly end without a gospel worship song, so that is what he does with “Tonight”. “Break Open the Sky” is a beautiful song (sounding similar to Rootdown style) featuring Israel Houghton. “We wanna see Your face/ so tear the roof off this place/ Jesus, Break Open the Sky”.

This is unquestionably tobyMac’s best work! If you own Toby’s previous albums, this is definitely one you will want to add to your collection! With hard-core rock from “Tonight” all the way to the slower gospel sound in “Break Open the Sky”, this album has something to offer to every listener. Hands down, this album deserves a 5 star rating!


  1. Sounds like a great CD. I can't wait to hear it!

  2. I loved this cd. I also give it a five star rating. It's definently one of the best cds I ever listened to!


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