Friday, February 19, 2010

Seventh Day Slumber "Take Everything" Review

Seventh Day Slumber certainly gives us a variety on their latest album, “Take Everything.” This album, a worship project covers various styles of music from their regular hard rock to slow ballads. Seventh Day Slumber was inspired to work on this project with the writing of the title track, “Take Everything”. The band’s lead singer tried to write a song to express his gratitude to God for saving him from a lifestyle of drugs and alcohol, and gave birth to this thankful song.

“Take Everything” features well-known worship songs from such groups as Hillsong United, MercyMe, and Chris Tomlin plus one or two brand new hits. The album starts out strong with the renown “How Great is Our God” in a very strong, hard rock that slows down a bit with the introduction of the vocals. This is definitely an excellent version of this song for those who are more alternative style than contemporary.
Next on the album is the superb worship/rock song, “Surrender”. While sounding very upbeat, it actually brings very heartfelt words: “I’m giving You my heart/ and all that is within me/ I lay it all down/ for the sake of You my king/ I’m giving You my dreams/ I’m laying down my rights/ I’m giving up my pride for the promise of new life- And I surrender all to You/ all to You.”
Seventh Day Slumber also brings us another version of the popular “Lead Me to the Cross”, being slower than normal, and very sincere. I was actually surprised at the style of “Everlasting God”, written by singer/songwriter Lincoln Brewster. Starting very slow and actually staying somewhat slow, I actually found it more refreshing than previous efforts of this track. “Mighty to Save” is one of the admired Hillsong tracks that Seventh Day Slumber redid on “Take Everything”. This one is more upbeat than most of Hillsong’s albums.
Of course, the very best track on this album is the extremely worshipful “From the Inside Out” filled with gorgeous piano and astounding lyrics. I have never grown tired of this song, and would definitely admit to this being the best version of this song yet. “I Can Only Imagine” repeats the style of “Surrender” with it’s resounding electric guitars and bass. This track is unique in that is nothing like MercyMe’s version, containing a slower tempo.
Next comes the stunning title track, written by the band. This song I found most heartfelt and worshipful, because it came from the band’s own experience. Therefore, the band makes it clear they want Jesus to rule with these lyrics: “Another melody/ Another empty song/ I tell myself that I have praised You/ and try and make believe/ This is all You want/ But once again I know I’ve missed it/ praising You is not just songs I sing/ Jesus, here I am/ Take Everything/ Take the pain inside/ take the brokenness/ don’t stop till there’s nothing left/ my arrogance my pride/ the loss of innocence/ Jesus take everything!”
Seventh Day Slumber also beautifully re-masters “Carry Me”, “Nothing But the Blood” (recreating the melody)”, adds a rocky twist to “Famous One”, and even remakes their own radio hit, “Oceans From The Rain”. I found this album to be very genuine and worshipful and straight from the heart. This is an album that any worship fan would want to add to their collection. It gives you a completely different view of worship- not just coming from slower music, but coming straight from your heart. Every time I listen to “Take Everything”, I cannot help but worship along with the band. This is an excellent album deserving 5 stars.

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