Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Jay's Exclusive Interview With Award Winning Avalon!

I am so excited to share an interview I recently did with award-winning Avalon. I am a huge fan of this group, which was recently "reborn" with new members, management, and even a new sound! Below are my questions for the band in white, followed by their answers in orange. Enjoy!

Jay: When Avalon was formed in 1995, what was the meaning behind the band name?
Avalon: The name was established by founding members and management. It references the island of Avalon where King Arthur went for healing. That is our prayer that our music would be a place of healing.

Jay: Although Reborn is different than your previous albums, it is my favorite Avalon album to date. Can you share what it was like starting anew (different members, record label, etc.)?
Avalon: The process was fun yet intense. Amy had only been a member for a few weeks when we started recording. There was a time of nerves and that was when we started our first song "Arise". The end of recording that song ushered in a bit of peace and we all knew that this sound and technical line up was right.

Jay: How did you find the very talented Amy and Jeremi? What has been the response to the new style and voices of Avalon?

Avalon: Jeremi joined the group in 2007 and Amy in 2009. Jeremi came to us through a connection from Lee University in Cleveland, TN and Amy (Jeremi's wife) actually sang with us for a year before joining full time. She covered several dates when Melissa wasn't able to [be] with us. Overall people have been very welcoming. There are always a few naysayers but I try to encourage and remind them that Jody and Melissa each left Avalon by choice. They have solo careers and would love to be supported in their individual endeavors. Change doesn't always reflect something bad! Avalon has never been about a singer but the music. That is why the group has lasted through several member line ups. We are thankful for the hand of blessing on our group.

Jay: What is your favorite song to sing live?
Avalon: Testify to Love is always a standard. It doesn't matter where we sing people always engage with that song.

Jay: Have you considered redoing some older Avalon hits now that there are new voices?Avalon: There has been talk about doing that very idea, but I am not sure it would be an accurate reflection of where our listeners are at this time. We already have two greatest hits projects; fans always want new music. I would like to have a new Christmas album...

Jay: Do you have a favorite place to eat out when you're on the road?
Avalon: In and Out Burger, Tim Horton Doughnuts. Stoney river (in Nashville)

Jay: What kind of music do you listen to on a regular basis?Avalon: Worship, country, classical, pop... Kids (especially princess music)

Jay: Does singing come naturally to each of you?
Avalon: Each of us have had music as part of our lives. Singing is something that has to be molded and learned. God does give ability but what we do with that is up to us.

Jay: Can you recall an unusual moment for the band Avalon?
Avalon: There was an interesting event where we were scheduled to sing and six hours later we were told to leave the concert was over... We did get paid but felt awful for the attendees.

Read my review of Avalon's newest album Reborn here! Thanks for reading this interview!


  1. Wow! Neat interview; I really liked the Reborn stuff, too. Soon you will have a great big personal interviews library ;)

  2. That is indeed a wonderful thing- that you got to interview your favorite band! How thrilling! Your questions were great. I did wonder where they got their name, so I'm glad you asked.


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