Friday, February 26, 2010

Day of Fire: Losing All Review

Day of Fire is back with their third studio album Losing All, riding on the success of Cut and Move. Lead singer Josh Brown’s sharp, unmistakable voice and the driving electric guitar work help set the stage for this album. Losing All is different from previous albums in that it was written around heartache experienced by the members of Day of Fire. Therefore, several songs on this album are a bit slower than usual with gloomy lyrics. But not to worry, Day of Fire delivers fresh, outstanding tracks with the band’s unique style of lead guitar.

The album starts very strongly with “Light Em’ Up”. I personally love the way that the lead singer echoes himself on the chorus: “On and on and on we go/ (Put it on the line cause I'm going all the way)/ Light ‘em up throw it down and let it roll/ (Put it on the line cause I'm going all the way). The first verse shows off Day of Fire’s creative lyrics: “Never look back never let it go/ Do the graveyard dance at the midnight show/ Beggin for the chance, got my finger on the trigger/ Gonna make a bigger bang baby make it bigger/ Burden in my hands burnin up the road you know.” I personally found “Lately” (track #5) to be one of my favorites for its chanting lyrics: “Time to forget about all the things you’ve been thinking about lately/ lately it’s been a roller coaster/ a thousand reasons why/ time to forget about all the lies that are making your heart angry/ and all the ones who said/ you could never, never fly/ FLY!” This song boasts the band’s lead guitar that is a favorite for DOF fans.

Another highlight was “Airplane” (track #4), a clever track wishing to be an airplane to go back in time and get back someone you’ve lost. The lyrics state: “It was my last chance/ to catch my last flight into your heart/ Wanted so bad just to get there/ woke up too late today to start/ I’ve missed my chance so many times before/ couldn’t find the right keys/ knocking on the wrong doors/ just to find myself alone in the night/ I wish I was an airplane.” I also enjoyed track #8, another mellow track, “Never Goodbye.” This track has stunning guitars, and again speaks of heartache: “I never took the time to say goodbye/ wish we would never grow up/ never grow old/ never goodbye/ wish you were here today/ wish you were never leaving me alone.” “Hello Heartache” is one that I particularly enjoyed for its creative lyrics talking to heartache: “Heard you calling on the telephone/ before you decided to come uninvited/ then I saw it in your eyes/ just before she walked away/ now that you’ve arrived/ there’s nothing I can say except/ Hello to you heartache/ welcome to this heartbreak/ I swore I’d never see you again/ I’m inviting you…” The highlight of this track for me is: “You can stay a while I guess/ I’ll make the best of this.” This song, alike most sings on this album are filled with said implications of someone’s death and heartbreak over it.

“Strange” is a 57-second song stating the preference of being ugly, not quite right, plain, lonely among other things than to be carried by fakes and phonies while Hollywood is burning down like Babylon. It blends right into a gorgeous track “The Dark Hills”. It reminds me very much of Third Day’s “Thief” track, and likewise depicts the story of Jesus’ crucifixion when He “walked the dark hill” with the beggars and thieves. “If I cry out in this darkness/ if I fall down on my knees/ if He walked the dark hills/ will He come for me?/ Will He come save me?”

This is a step in the right direction for Day of Fire, being an album full of both heartbreak and upbeat hard rock songs. I loved the “add ins” where lead singer Josh Brown would sing “ohhhhhh yeah!” in an intermission in a track. When I first heard Losing All, I immediately loved every track the minute I heard them. This is definitely an album that Day of Fire fans and any hard rock Christian music fan will want to add to their collection!

Rating: 4/5
Release date: January 26, 2010

Track listing:
1. Light 'Em Up
2. Hello Heartache
3. When I See You
4. Airplane
5. Lately
6. Cold Addiction
7. Landslide
8. Never Goodbye
9. Hey You
10. We Are No One
11. Long Highway
12. Strange
13. The Dark Hills

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