Monday, January 18, 2010


It is funny to me that Christian music will reach some people that will never ever set foot in a church. Recently my mom was at a local car parts store when she heard a familiar song on the radio. The cashier was quietly singing the song to himself in rock star fashion. My mom, recognizing the song but not remembering the artist, asked the cashier, “Who is this again?” The cashier enthusiastically answered, “Why, it’s ‘Monster’ by Skillet!” My mom took the opportunity: “Oh yeah, that’s right. Did you know that they are a Christian band?” The cashier suddenly weirded out. After quickly regaining his composure, he replied, “No I didn’t know that.” “Have you heard any of their other music?” Mom asked politely. “No, I haven’t,” the cashier responded.

So, why was this song on a secular station? Well, frankly, I don’t know that; but I do know that most of Skillet’s music is extremely Christian, and has some of the best lyrics in the rock music world. So for foretold reasons, I thought I would post the music video of this song for you. Please note that the beginning of this video is extremely eerie, so you might not want to watch the very first few seconds! I am not responsible for fainting or people getting grossed out. :D



  1. Oh, wow! I remember once at Price Chopper, I was delightfully surprised to hear MercyMe's "Here With Me" on the speakers!! Maybe there is a Christian working at a secular radio station?

  2. Hey Jay- I'm new to the bloging world but your post here caught my eye. I agree that many people will listen to music that they don't know is Christian...and unfortunately Christians listen to music they know is not Christian (even though they are supposed to know that “Evil company corrupts good morals” and that music affects people at a very deep level) Anyway, from my own personal info many radio stations don’t just play a certain genre of music- they play what their listeners want to hear and if that is Christian then so be it. I remember when I heard Aaron Sheut's "My Savior, My God" on a local secular radio I was astounded! But then I realized that 98% of Americans claim to be Christians so it shouldn’t be surprising at all, in fact there should be much more Christian influence around this country!
    Anyway the point is “Please the crowd and the crowd will follow you.”
    If you don’t mind though, I would like to take this opportunity to point out that this is exactly why Christian writers need to be uncompromising in their music. I have been disgusted again and again when I can't find my favorite Christian station because the song they are playing sounds and feels like a secular song! Spiritually dead.
    Now please don't get my wrong, I love 'love songs' directed toward God, but when those same songs can be so easily applied to human’s "romantic" relationships it makes me feel ill.
    God is not only Worthy of our undivided attention, He demands it.
    As Christians we must be very careful what we condone because one simple-minded sinner could take it and judge ALL Christians by it.
    I'm sorry I've gone on so long.
    Have a Blessed Day child of God!


  3. Alice: That's so cool! I've actually heard several Christian songs on their radio station. In fact, I've even heard some Christian songs playing in Walmart!Thanks for chiming in!

    Angela: WOW! I don't mind you going on at all, because that is exactly my point of view on this subject. In fact, I'm quite astounded by what "Christian" music is today. Most of it could practically be played on secular and Christian radios, and no one would even notice. I've even blogged about this several times by pointing out a handful of songs/artists that are clearly secular- yet we still hear them on Christian radio. Also, I agree exactly on your point about "evil company corrupts good morals". That's why I think that it is important to distinguish between what really is Christian, and what is clearly not.

    So thanks so much for chiming in on this. I agree with you 100%! Also, I never object to getting large comments, because they encourage healthy discussions. Also, thanks for following!! :D
    God Bless!


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