Friday, January 29, 2010

20 Ways You Can Get "Losing All" by Day of Fire

My guess is that Day of Fire really wants us to get their new album "Losing All" (an excellent album by the way). So, this e-mail comes in, and it's Day of Fire giving 20 ways that you could possibly give/get their new album. Do any of these sound... practical? Nevertheless, some of these are hysterical, so check 'em out! :D

1. You could go to the store and buy yourself a copy of Losing All

2. You could download a copy of Losing All on iTunes

3. You could ask your boss to buy a copy of Losing All from the store or off of iTunes

4. You could wake up early tomorrow morning and prepare for an afternoon yard sale,sell every item that you own for one dollar per item, then take that money and buy multiple copies of Losing All

5. You could threaten to throw yourself into a large pile of poo unless your loved ones buy you a copy of Losing All

6. You could enter yourself into a hotdog eating contest in which the first place winner receives a copy of Losing All, then gather 5 of your best friends into your G-ride for a 3 hour cruise while playing Losing All approximately 2 and three quarter times, convincing them to buy the album Losing All

7. You could buy 2 copies of Losing All, then hold a hotdog eating contest and give one of the copies away for first place

8. You could ask your mom to buy a copy of Losing All

9. You could convince your teacher, boss, pastor, warden, or martial arts instructor to give a twenty minute dissertation on why buying a copy of Losing All makes since in this economy

10. You could buy 10 copies of Losing All and give them all away, but secretly make a copy for yourself without letting any of your friends or family know you have committed such an act (please disregard this one due to the laws prohibiting such acts)

11. You could buy a copy of Losing All and tell all your friends that Brett Favre will still have a chance to win the super bowl next year if enough people buy the record in the first week

12. You could convince your friends that Nirvana will join the ranks of STP, Alice in Chains, and Soundgarden by re-uniting for a 2010 world tour, if they buy a copy of Losing All

13. You could call 102.9 the buzz in Nashville and request "Lately" 40 times everyday so that listeners would be encouraged to buy Losing All...(just kidding)

14. You could buy Losing All for all of your living great grandparents

15. You could ask your grand maw if she would like to buy a copy of Losing All, and then offer to ride with her when she goes to buy her copy

16. You could pawn all of your cassette tapes from the eighties, take the money, and buy a copy of Losing All on cd, then breakout that unused tdk 90 minute blank tape you have been saving for the last 11 years and dub Losing All onto it, and then TURN IT UP !!!!!!! So that your neighbors can hear it

17. You could take your next paycheck and use it to buy multiple copies of Losing All When it's time to send in the rent check, you know what to do

18. You could decide that you are tired of listening to the same old, worn out, generic, fabricated, poorly done, corporate rock, that the music industry has been shoving down your throat for the last 15 years and buy a copy of Losing All just to make a statement

19. You could dress up as the retired pro wrestler Jimmy “SuperflySnuka , go out into the streets and put somebody in a headlock and threaten to DDT them unless they buy a copy of Losing All (WARNING THIS MAY BE ILLEGAL IN MOST STATES)

20. You could write your president, congressman, senator, governor, or mayor requesting that a stimulus bill be passed to give a 100,000$ tax credit to everyone who purchases a copy of Losing All

What do you think about these? Aren't they just so darn funny? :D


  1. Hm. I think #19 is probably the most practical. Worth a try...

  2. You think... WHAT? You wouldn't actually do something like that, would you, Rebecca? I think 16 is the most practical. LOL!


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