Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Newsboys "In The Hands of God" review

I just added “In The Hands of God” by Newsboys to my collection! This is no doubt my favorite album from Newsboys, but it comes with mixed emotions. Since the announcement that Peter Furler is no longer lead singer of Newsboys, many have decided not to listen to Newsboys again. I decided to check out this album, not only because I have heard that it was a magnificent record, but also so I could treasure the last album to feature the very much admired Australian singer. The one feature I noticed that should make Newsboys fans happier is the accompaniment of the talented Michael Tait formerly of dcTalk. This is especially noticeable on track #7 titled “My Friend Jesus”. I found it sad, in a way, that Peter sounded better in this album than ever before. Peter knows (er, rather, knew) how to play a variety of characters in Newsboys tracks.

“In the Hands of God” starts off strong with “The Way We Roll”. That is one great track speaking of letting God show you where to go, instead of doing things your own way. “Put on your backpack/ throw out your roadmap/ God will use anything/ just check it and see/ He’s given us more than we could ever ask for/ that’s they way we roll when we’ve been set free.” Probably my favorite song on this latest Newsboys album is “No Grave”. This song is about rejoicing when we reach the end of life, because “no grave is gonna hold my spirit down”. On the chorus of this song, Peter sounds like a traditional rock star, in my opinion. Another song, entitled, “This is Your Life” is an encouragement to use your life right, and not to waste one minute. “This is your life/ treat yourself right/ treat others right/ live like you know you should/ this is life/ fight the good fight/ fight for what’s right/ do what you know you should.” This is a really inspirational track to me personally. “Glorious” is the fourth track on this album, and is the track that we all got to hear Tait perform. This is one of three more slower, more worshipful songs. The lyrics of this song inspire me to worship with all of my heart: “Glorious/ shining so glorious/ though I stumble though I fall/ You remain glorious/ towards Your life/ I come running/ I come running/ into Your arms/ I come running/ I come running.” The title track is another strong worship track with powerful lyrics once again: “In the Hands of God we will fall/ Rest for the restless and the weary/ hope for the sinner.” The bridge contains a strong worshipful declaration “You’re amazing/ You are! / and we praise you/ Lord, for what You’re hands have done/ You’re amazing/ You’re amazing/ You Are”. This has got to be one of my top favorite songs from Newsboys. The funny thing is, I really didn’t like this song that much when I first heard it on the radio- I thought it was simply average. But now I can’t get enough of this song or album! Following Newsboys tradition of worship mixed with hysterical songs is the 7th track on this album, “My Friend Jesus”. I laugh everytime I hear it. You might enjoy reading these lyrics as well. (I plan to post the song on Music for Monday sometime soon.) “I bought a product they should not have sold/ I called the help line/ they put me on hold/ I’ve been waitin’ for an hour and now my phones loosing power and I’m gonna explode”. Just then, Peter starts singing with a strident tone, “How may I help you today?”/ I know a very rude answer/ but I’m wondering “Hey!” and goes on to explain to the operator that we should all talk and forgive like “My Friend Jesus”. “I state my business/ she puts me on hold/ I’m back to thinking I’m gonna explode/ and the dog wants dinner and the music they’re playing is the soundtrack of hell/ you say two wrongs don’t make a right/ Just try listening to Celine Dion all night.” I love the lyrics to this song, and it is so true! (At least from my experience anyways!) I was actually very surprised when I found out that Newsboys recorded “Lead Me to the Cross” on this album. I have heard three versions of this song, and this is my favorite, because of the strings and electric guitar in the second verse. This is another of my favorites on this album and from Newsboys. After this inspirational worship song, Newsboys gets rockin’ again with their track “Dance”. This is a chant and admonishment to the listeners to “Dance like no one is lookin’/ sing like no one can hear/ Love like you’ve never heard before/ live like there’s nothing to fear.” This was my original favorite song that made me consider buying this album. Honestly, I really didn’t care for “Rsl 1984”, the last track on the album, and I didn’t’ think it really fit the album.

This is a step forward for Newsboys, and definitely a five star album. We’ll all see how it goes with the subtraction of Peter and the addition of Tait. We should be looking forward to a new album sometime next year! I hope you all enjoy(ed) the album as much as I have. This is definitely one album for all Christian music fans to add to their collections.

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  1. How cool! I haven't listened to all of the songs yet, but I really like what I've heard. My Friend Jesus makes me laugh out loud! I agree, Newsboys does a terrific job on Lead Me to the Cross. I LOVE worship songs, and Newsboys does them really well. As always, your review was helpful. Thanks, again! :)


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