Monday, November 2, 2009

Matthew West Christmas News

Matthew West wants to be the first to wish you a merry Christmas! I just got this email in from his mailing list, and I thought it was so cool and wanted to share it with you: Matthew West is going to be the spokesman for “Operation Christmas Child” this year! Matthew shared, “I am the spokesperson for Operation Christmas Child this year - and their national collection week is fast approaching! From November 16th - 23rd there will be nearly 2000 official shoe box collection sites around the country collection thousands of shoe boxes filled with gifts that will be sent to children in need around the world. With your help - they will collect over 8 million shoeboxes this year. The shoeboxes are about so much more than the gifts inside - these boxes provide the opportunity for these children to hear the gospel. So in simple terms - because of a simple act of giving - over 8 million kids will hear about Jesus this year!” If you would like to fill up a shoebox this year for a needy child, then you can find out more information about it here. Also, Matthew West has released his first book! It is entitled, “101 Simple & Thoughtful Ways to Give This Christmas Away”. This book was inspired by a duet that Matthew did with Amy Grant on Veggietales upcoming Christmas tale. Matthew said that the book mirrors Jesus’ message of love for the unlovable and compassion for the broken as well as “practical ideas and inspiring stories of giving that will help you give the message of the ultimate Christmas gift this year—Jesus.” And, as another Christmas special, Matthew has released the “Something to Say” Christmas edition! “Something to Say” comes with a 5 song EP that features 3 Christmas songs (with Amy Grant and Mandisa) plus new acoustic versions to two of his other songs. I think that this is so awesome! Matthew West is so cool, as I have both enjoyed “Something to Say”, and his testimony.


  1. Hey, Jay! I have learned a lot from your blog, and very much benefit from your stories and reviews. I personally am curious about Casting Crowns, Jeremy Camp, Chris Tomlin, and Twila Paris. I know it's a lot; it's your choice and nothing more! Matthew West's testimony was absolutely amazing; I heard the guy from AudioA had vocal surgery and had to give up music! Thanks for sharing everything!

  2. Hi Alice!
    Thanks for the suggestions! I think I'll look into them, and in a few days, we'll see which of them I decide to pick!

    I'm also really glad you've benefited from my blog! It means a lot to hear someone say that!



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