Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Casting Crowns "Until the Whole World Hears" Album Review

Until the Whole World Hears is another inspirational, awesome album from Casting Crowns.

The title track is a little surprising for a Casting Crowns, especially considering the awesome guitar work in this album (which I think is one noticeable good change for the band in this album). I love the message behind the title track: be the hands and feet of Jesus until the whole world hears. As the song says, “And I pray that they will see more of You and less of me/ Lord I want my life to be the song you sing.” I was also quite honestly very surprised by the extremely gospel sounding song on this album, entitled, “The Shadow of Your Wings”. This song is very comparable to “Saved” by Third Day from their Offerings album. This song is about giving God your all while being under the shadow of His wings. This is by far my most favorite song on this album!

“Holy One” is another one of the very amazing upbeat tunes on Until the Whole World Hears. It is basically thanking God for how much He has done in our lives. My favorite part of “Holy One” is the anthem bridge, which has these excellent lyrics: “I will sing/ for Your glory/ for Your love is better than life”. Besides these three songs, the rest of the songs were similar to most of their style. “To Know You”, another one of my favorites, outlines living a life for God. The best lyrics in this track are: “I leave it all behind/ You’re all that satisfies/ To know You is to want to know You more.” This song sounds similar to the style of Hillsong’s “Take All of Me.”

“Always Enough” falls into the category of the slower, more peaceful songs. This gorgeous song speaks of how God is all we need and will ever need. “Your love is peace to the broken/ Faith for the widow/ Hope for the orphan/ Strength for the weak/ Your love is the anthem of nations/ Rings out through the ages/ and You’re always enough for me”. If there is one song on this album that would resonate with Casting Crown’s fans, than this is it. Especially when it says, “You keep my heart in perfect peace/ my life is in Your hands/ When confusion hides my way/ You’re always enough.” I simply can’t get enough of this track. This is probably my favorite (second to “The Shadow of Your Wings”).

“Joyful, Joyful” is a very creative remake of “Ode to Joy”. I really like this remake, and as always, I love the lyrics to this classic. Like most contemporary artists, the remake and addition on the classics, makes it more enjoyable than ever before. I especially enjoyed the stringed instrument intro. “Mercy” is one of two songs that is sung by the female vocalists. As it’s title implies, it is a song of how good God’s mercy is toward us: “Here I stand a child of Yours/ broken and need of You/ break these chains and wash my guilt away”. Actually, this song was also slightly different from traditional Casting Crown’s music, and it is very inspirational. It is gorgeous when Mark Hall comes in the second verse with the harmony. (Honestly, when I hear Casting Crowns, I think that all three vocalists of the band should receive vocalist of the year!)

“Glorious Day” is the story of Jesus life on this earth, and how He rose again for us and is coming again on that glorious day. “If We’ve Ever Needed You” is a cry out to God to restore us: “If We’ve Ever Needed You/ Lord It’s Now/ We are desperate for Your hand/ Reaching Out/ All our hearts/ All our strength/ with all our minds/ We’re at Your face/ May Your kingdom come/ In our hearts and lives/ Let Your Church arise”. This is another one of my favorites, and is very inspiring and heart felt.

This album is excellent, and definitely the best work from Casting Crowns. You will love this album if you like previous Casting Crowns’ work, or enjoy Hillsong, Matthew West, or Avalon. Until the Whole World Hears does have two good new updates: a new drummer and great improved guitar work. Three songs on this album were very, very astounding to me, because of the previous two features. Yet, most of this album is very similar to past works from the band, and was very enjoyable. This album will inspire you to worship God with all of your heart and give God your all.

Rating: 4/5
Release date: November 17, 2009

Track listing:
1. Until the Whole World Hears
2. If We've Ever Needed You
3. Always Enough
4. Joyful, Joyful
5. At Your Feet
6. Glorious Day (Living He Loved Me)
7. Holy One
8. To Know You
9. Mercy
10. Jesus, Hold Me Now
11. Blessed Redeemer
12. Shadow of Your Wings

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