Saturday, October 31, 2009

Inspiring Story: Obeying God At All Costs

Here's this week's Inspiring Story hosted by Miss Syzmanski:

"Taking Over Me" is a song that is featured on Rootdown's latest EP, Summer of Love. I love this song, and as I recently read this story, I was amazed. When God speaks, are we going to obey Him, even if what He wants us to do makes us feel uncomfortable? (BTW, you can download the song for free on You can also find out how to get three free downloads from Rootdown's first EP by reading this post.) Here's the story behind the song:

"My friend was speaking at a church in California, and as he was speaking he sensed the Holy Spirit telling him to focus in on a certain man and ask him why he was there. So he called the man up to the front along with his family and asked him, “Why are you here?” The man replied, “I want to be the king of my house.” My friend felt like God was telling him to push him (which seemed weird) but he obeyed and gave the guy a push. Obviously shocked the man regained his balance as my friend asked him again, “Why are you here?” The man said, “I want to be the king of my house.”

My friend felt like God was telling him to push him once again but this time harder and so he did and said, “Why are you here?” Getting angrier and angrier and clenching his fist, the man screamed “I WANT TO BE THE KING OF MY HOUSE!” This time my friend sensed God telling him to knock him over so he pushed him as hard as he could. The man fell on his back and completely broke down crying. His wife’s eyes were swollen and the man’s hands were bruised from beating his family. He had been a member of that church for years, but no one had confronted him because they were too afraid.

Afterwards the pastor came up to my friend and told him he had been wanting to do that for years. My friend said, “Well, every day that you didn’t was another day that she got beaten up.” Since that day the man and his family have received counseling and have been restored. He is even now a deacon in the church. What he needed was another man to get in his face and confront him about it.

A lot of times we describe the feeling of being angry as something taking us over. In the same way God’s love can have a powerful transforming effect on individuals. In my walk of faith there have been times when I’ve tried so hard to love God and obey Him in my own strength by following rules and regulations. Then there have been times when God’s love has taken over me and obeying Him was a simple way of saying thanks.

I grew up in a broken home, but God has worked all things to the good of those who love Him in all of my families’ lives. Although my parents divorced when I was young, my situation wasn’t as severe as the family mentioned earlier. Since then my father has remarried, and now I have a really cool step-brother who I get to make music with in our band. My mother also has remarried, and I couldn’t imagine a better match for her.

As men we have the desire to be the king of our house. But like the man in the beginning of the story, it isn’t until God is king of our heart that our house can truly be a home. This song is a reminder of how God’s love can transform us and turn the messes we make in life into masterpieces in His timing. "

- Paul Wright (lead singer of ROOTDOWN)

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  1. Wow! Guess all the king needed was a little shove! Great post.


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