Thursday, October 29, 2009

Downhere Takes Home Nine GMA Awards

The awesome Christian pop/rock band Downhere is Canadian based. So it should come as no suprise to you that Downhere was recently nominated for eleven awards at Gospel Music Awards Canada. At GMA Canada's 31st show in Clagary, Alberta, the pop/rock band Downhere was the biggest Christian music winner. The members said they were very suprised to be nominated for eleven awards- Even more so to actually win nine of them! Marc Marted said “It is overwhelming to feel the support we are getting from our fans and friends in Canada and our hearts are overflowing from the kindness shown to us. We love going back to Canada to perform for the home crowds and this awards show us that the feeling is mutual. So, in the immortal words of Sally Field, 'They like us, they really like us!'" (Source of quote: CM Spin)

So what did they win?

Artist of the Year
Album of the Year (Ending is Beginning)
Song of the Year (Here I Am)
Recorded Song of the Year (Here I Am)
Pop/Contemporary Song of the Year (Ending Is Beginning)
Pop/Contemporary Song of the Year (Here I Am)
Rock Song of the Year (My Last Amen)
Seasonal Song of the Year (How Many Kings)
Inspirational Song of the Year (The Beggar Who Gave Alms)

I have to say, that, I'm not really suprised, because Downhere is awesome! I found it difficult to review Ending is Beginning, because that album is so unique. However, I can tell you that you have got to hear "Here I Am" and "Hope is Rising". That is definitely a superb CD that I recommend to everybody!

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