Monday, October 5, 2009

Dance Praise Review

What is the mix of exercise and fun? The answer is Dance Praise. I have the remix edition, and it has been extremely enjoyable. Any one of the items for this game may be purchased separately, although the main package includes the CD –Rom plus the standard dance pad. This game is perfect for anyone looking for an innovative way to exercise. On the game, you can track your calories, set a timer, and pick from 50+ songs. I personally love most of the choices on this game, with each song provoking dancing (in fact, they provoked me to dance for about 3 hours the first few days). The dance pad includes songs by Fireflight, Britt Nicole, Casting Crowns, Zoegirl, Barlowgirl, and more. You can pick from either standard or arcade dancing. In standard mode, arrows flow down the screen as you step on the arrow that is shown. Arcade mode is a little challenging at first, with some arrows giving you bonuses, some fogging the screen, and others bombing up the arrows in sight. The only downside to the package is the fact that the standard dance pads are very fragile. Within days, it is possible to have a broken pad, if you find yourself too involved in dancing. For this reason, I would suggest you also purchase a deluxe dance pad featuring a 1-inch layer of foam. It also makes the dancing more enjoyable. Also, if you get tired of the songs on the game, you may purchase seven other expansion packs also available from Dance Praise. I purchased expansion packs #2 (hip-hop) #3 (rock and pop), and I have thoroughly enjoyed both of them. I especially find most of the songs on #3 incredibly fun to dance to, as they include some of my favorite bands—Kutless, Skillet, Jeremy Camp, Newsboys, Paul Wright, Grits, Rebecca St. James, and more. You also get some special enhancments for the Dance Praise game. Dance praise has something for everyone, and I guarantee that you will thoroughly enjoy every moment of playing, and you will never look at exercising the same way again!

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