Friday, September 11, 2009

Music Video of the Week: Sound of the Resistance

Here's something I don't do often on my blog: Rant and Rave! I watch lots of music videos, so I can decide if I would like to purchase an album, and consider featuring the video on my blog. However, recently, I have been very disappointed in my search. It seems that many music videos are eerie, weird, or have no point to them whatsoever. Either that, or their just showing off, and the video has no spiritual effects. I have noticed that a few artists seem to actually glorify God through their videos, and these are the ones I love. (Check out Barlowgirl's "Beautiful Ending" and Avalon's "In Christ Alone"). Anyways, if you see a really good music video that you think I should feature, feel free to use my email listed on my profile, and title subject as "blog tips." Here is a video that I loved the "revolution" message behind. It is The Wrecking's "Sound of the Resistance." Enjoy!!


  1. Hello, Jay! Just wanted to say, I LOVE your blog. I too agree that too often the "Christian" music videos have no point and do not at all glorify God. But I have enjoyed watching the music videos posted here; thank you for sharing!
    Cool header, btw!

  2. I agree with you... I like the "revolution" message behind this video.


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