Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kutless goes gold!

Recently, Kutless has really seen God bless their work. Not only is their 6th studio release "It is Well" scheduled to début October 20th, but Kutless has seen two of their previous albums labeled as gold! This means that 500,000 copies of "Strong Tower" and "Live From Portland" have been sold. James Mead, a guitarist from Kutless shared a very humorous perspective. "I of course called Jon Micah (who actually hadn't heard yet) and giggled like a little chipmunk (I prefer that phrase to the more popular 'little girl' phrase)...Needless to say, we are very excited about those albums. But, we DO need to say thank you. The Lord has blessed a ton!! We are excited about His plans for us in the future. We are very grateful to all of you that have supported us over the years. We're glad that the songs on Strong Tower, have helped you sing to Jesus Christ!!" BEC recordings CEO and president Brandon Ebel congratulated Kutless with these words: "We knew this project was special when it released. This certification is just another confirmation that Kutless has the ability to reach thousands upon thousands with their music and hearts. The label celebrates this accomplishment with the band recognizing the huge impact 'Strong Tower' had on listeners across the board." The band is excited to be releasing their second worship project, and they say that it will have the same effect as "Strong Tower". By the way, you will soon be able to download "What Faith Can Do" on Amazon for $.99, starting September 29th.

To read Kutless' perspective on going gold, click here.

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