Friday, September 4, 2009

Free download with your Amazon account

If you want to download a song anytime soon, now is your chance. To celebrate the one millionth song download on Amazon, they are offering you the chance to snatch a free one! Hurry, this offer only lasts a few days. Also, you will have to enter a bonus code to get it. So what beats a free download? I don't know, but I'm going to snatch it myself!! Also, Barlowgirl's song "Enough" is featured as a free download on Amazon. So be sure to check the list for a few free songs throughout's mp3 downloads.

Thanks to Renee for this blog tip! If you have a music tip, feel free to drop me a line by sending me an e-mail or a comment. Either way, I'll be very grateful.


  1. Hey, thanks for the tip! I just downloaded "How Great is our God" - one of my favorites!

  2. Cool! I downloaded, "Beautiful Ending" by Barlowgirl. Glad you enjoyed!


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