Saturday, September 19, 2009

"Unbreakable"; Fireflight Review

Although Fireflight produced independence records in previous years, Unbreakable is Fireflight’s sophomore studio release under Flicker records. The album Unbreakable starts strong, opening with the title track. That song (which was Fireflight’s first single on the album, and the only preliminary hit on the album) is about teaming up with God against those that are always against us. The lyrics on the song “Unbreakable” are creative, especially the bridge, where it says, “Forget the fear/ it’s just a crutch/ that tries to hold you back/ and turn your dreams to dust/ all you need to do is just trust”. When the word “trust” comes, you will hear lead singer Dawn Richardson’s first and only scream so far.

Fireflight’s second single on Unbreakable was “Brand New Day”. It is a powerful song that seems to be speaking of putting aside all else and walking toward God. “And I can hear you say/ it’s a brand new day/ the pain goes away/ and I’m headed for the door.” My favorite song on this album, and definitely the most upbeat and rocky song, is “The Hunger”. It’s a one-way conversation of the artist speaking to someone who is hungry for more, but is unwilling to admit that the hunger is a longing for God: “There’s an ache you can’t erase/ a yearning that you can’t replace/ And you want Him/ and you need Him/ but you act like He’s not there/ Yeah, you know that you’re hollow/ and something’s missing here/ so you push and you pull the hole in your soul/ but you can’t make the hunger disappear.”

My second favorite song on this album is “Forever”. This is a prayer to God asking Him to stay with you wherever you go and whatever you do: “Oh, tell me You’re here/ and You will watch over me forever/ oh, take hold of my heart/ show me You’ll love me forever.”

“You Gave Me a Promise” is Fireflight’s latest radio hit. It speaks of going through all of your troubles while holding on to the promise, and as it says in the bridge, “I’m still going/ still believing/ in Your word.” I thought that Fireflight really summed up the album Unbreakable up very well with “Wrapped In Your Arms”. It is another prayer to God telling Him that we will rest in the shelter of His love forever. “And I’m here to stay/ Nothing can separate us/ And I know/ I’m OK/ You cradle me gently/ Wrapped in your arms… I’m home.” This song seems to replay the story of the album in one song.

Fireflight’s sophomore release was very impressive. Three of the songs on this album became radio hits, with an additional fan favorite, “Forever”. This album has some of the best lyrics I’ve ever heard for a rock album, with a powerful message of abiding under the wings of the Most High. I would recommend this album to everyone who both loves hard rock and slower worship songs. This album really does have something for everyone.

Rating: 4.5/5
Release date: March 4, 2008

Track listing:
1. Unbreakable
2. You Gave Me A Promise
3. Brand New Day
4. The Hunger
5. Stand Up
6. Forever
7. Go Ahead
8. The Love We Had Before
9. So Help Me God
10. Wrapped In Your Arms

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