Monday, September 21, 2009

Barlowgirl and Superchick fall tour!

Calling all girls! Superchick and Barlowgirl have announced a 31 city tour mostly for girls. (It's okay guys... VOTA will be there two!) The two girl rock bands are thrilled to be doing their first tour together. Superchick's first single was entitled, "Barlow Girls" and was supportive of Barlowgirl when both bands were started. Barlowgirl is also excited about playing songs from their album "Love and War" that was just released on September 8th. This tour is huge, considering the fact that there will be two of christian music's most renown chick rock bands. The tour will begin September 23rd, and will hit Texas, Oklahoma, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, and more. It will end in Tallahassee, Florida on November 11th. If you would like to clam your tickets, click here for more info.

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